Medan Allt Annat Händer

Medan Allt Annat Händer


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Steve B (br) wrote: This film is interesting at the beginning, and then it gets repetitive. The film centers around Michael Moore's campus tours leading up to the 2004 election. It is definitely edited to create a democratic anti republican message. Parts of this film are humorous and parts are informative, and interesting. This film is a mixed bag that does not work well as a whole.

Noosa m (fr) wrote: Olyphant. Olyphat. Olyphant. Otherwise, the movie is crap.

Post G (nl) wrote: A fantastic Aussie movie, that is typical of the genre. Understated humour, combined with dashes of pathos. Fantastic characters, excellent acting, subtle dialogue and great sound.

Weigy W (jp) wrote: Simply, one of the funniest movies I've ever watched in my whole damned life.

hepa j (es) wrote: te wheke kei hea koe.........

Robbie H (de) wrote: huge Newman fan but this one was awful..Newman doesnt seem very comfortable in the role..this isnt a cool yet dark twisted noir thriller like "maltese falcon" or "big sleep" by any real interesting characters or femme fatales at standout performances except maybe strother martin...story was boring and uninteresting..luckily i sold my copy of this film on ebay

Kenneth B (it) wrote: Leprechaun has a camp charm and it is just about entertaining enough to offset its absurdity. It definitely contains the best (well only) pogo stick death scene that I have seen in film.