Medium Raw: Night of the Wolf

Medium Raw: Night of the Wolf

A group of people get trapped in an asylum with several dangerous patients, but one person in there is a serial killer responsible for the deaths of many children.

Capturing the sadistic serial killer "The Wolf" was just the beginning for rookie cop Johnny Morgan. As he escorts the monster to his new home in the dark underground halls of Parker's ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Aditya M (kr) wrote: A raw, real and emotionally powerful film driven by a fantastic Anne Hathaway performance. I have a feeling this may grow in stature over the years and come to be seen as one of the best movies of our time.

Tamara H (kr) wrote: This might be a cute one. I'll probably rent it later.

Johnny T (us) wrote: If it weren't for two excessively violent deaths, P2 could be termed a refreshingly old-fashioned thriller, one dependent on hairbreadth escapes and the pluck of its heroine. A slickly efficient neo-grindhouse shocker, a gory palate cleanser for this season of high-toned Oscar magnets and high-minded political dramas. Swift and stealthy P2 is a canny exploitation of one of the urban woman's greatest fears: the after-hours parking garage. Throw in a car that won't start, a creepy security guard and a filmmaking team with perfect synchronicity, and the result is a minimalist nightmare. The minor pleasures of P2 lie in the simple effectiveness of the sleekly unshowy direction and the clean, unadorned script, which pares away extraneous distractions like motivation and complicated back stories to get on with the mechanics of tension and the obligatory jumps and startles (which stand in for genuine scares).VERDICT: "In The Zone" - [Mixed Reaction] These kinds of movies are usually movies that had some good things, but some bad things kept it from being amazing. This rating says buy an ex-rental or a cheap price of the DVD to own. If you consider cinema, ask for people's opinion on the film. (Films that are rated 2.5 or 3 stars)

Vito A (de) wrote: Cornish, Ledger and Rush all "Shine" in their roles. You just wanted Candy and Dan to flourish into eternity. When I remember Ledger, this is the 1st flick that comes to mind.

Ben B (jp) wrote: Not without its moments, but with such a talented cast this is overwhelmingly average. There is an amateurish feel throughout and the film has a general lack of focus all the way through. Undoubtedly a good idea on paper, but in practice the film is never anything more than average and lacks any hint of satire or irony that may have saved it.

Alberto G (kr) wrote: un fascinante ejercicio de creacin. La realidad irrumple en la ficcin y al revs. Uno de los finales ms fuertes que he visto desde hace un buen. Un juego de lenguaje, de esos que me encantan.... me declaro parcial

Justin A (jp) wrote: A bit of a bland version of Class of 1984, but the familiar cast gives this a distinct 80s charm. Lori Laughlin is adorable and James Spader walks the line of hammy jerk. It seemed like some of the deaths at the end of the movie were edited in the version I saw, which would have gone a long way to making this a cult gem if they were depicted in gruesome detail. It's a bit restrained with the lack of nudity, but the multiple scenes of attempted rape makes it awkward. Not that I wanted to see rape or nudity in this movie anyway (it would have been an unnecessary tonal shift), but I'm just left wondering why they even bothered to include scenes where the bad guys abuse Lori Laughlin. It just felt strange that scenes like that even had to be included. Regardless, it's a fun, forgotten 80s movie full of montages, 80s wardrobe, and familiar young 80s stars.

John K (ru) wrote: THE BEST stand up performance ever caught on film and to this day is still considered the benchmark comedians try to attain when doing their own comedy specials. To this day no one has surpassed this concert performance. This film inspired me to get into the stand up field and I had the privilege to have met him and been given advice on my act from this legendary performer during my tenure at The Comedy Store in Hollywood. Pryor is such a talented and gifted comedian, who has the immense courage to open up to parts of his life and invite the audience in, while giving a personal and intimate voice to dogs, cars, women, etc., while showing us a part of himself that other comedians have not dared to even tread, much lied a rebellious pied piper. Pryor, the master performer, weaves such convincing and believable stories with his physical actions accompanied by his words; you can visualize it actually happening up there on the blank stage where he is performing. Pryor??s style, techniques, and topics seen in this concert have since have copied or used in other comedians acts are now considered standard practice, but back then in 1979 it was groundbreaking and still awe inspiring to many comedians today because of his sincere and frank truthfulness with his material. Although his other concerts that followed were not as strong as this one, this concert film stands the test of time and still holds it humor extremely well.

Michael H (mx) wrote: Released just six months after the first GODZILLA film (a.k.a. GOJIRA, 1954), this 1955 effort is a weakly plotted sequel that nonetheless retains much of the mood of the original. The basic problem is that the filmmakers seem to have had little idea what to do with the film except rehash what had come before, minus the melodrama and ethical dilemma that made the original so memorable - even when the monster was not on screen.The highlight of the film is the special effects by Eiji Tsuburaya. The battle between Godzilla and Anguiras avoids the anthropomorphic action that marred later efforts, emphasizing animal-like violence. But the real standout is the conclusion among the icy mountains of the isolated island where Godzilla meets his fate. The stark black-and-white imagery has an almost expressionistic look the recalls classic Universal horror films from the 1930s, and the effects works for the fighter planes is quite improved from similar footage in GODZILLA, creating a visually stunning demise for the King of the Monsters that ranks among the most impressive scenes of this kind ever captured on celluloid.In the end, GODZILLA RAIDS AGAIN is a fairly typical sequel: not as good as the original, it reprises some familiar motifs and occasionally rises to a level that makes it stand on its own, if only for moments at a time. It is not a masterpiece that will win over skeptical non-fans, but enthusiasts for giant monster movies should find it appealing.

Stephanie F (ca) wrote: A fine movie-I loved seeing Peter Lorre! And I'm a Runyon fan so it was interesting to see his influence. Not a must-see but perfectly enjoyable for a Sunday afternoon film.

David K (fr) wrote: Fascinating and aging with grace, this is a horror classic that will scare the pants of many mothers-to-be. Rosemary is a wonderfully naive and vulnerable.It might not be shocking by todays standard, but remains effective and well made.

Scott M (kr) wrote: Might have been good back in the day, but it hasn't dated well. Pacino is still great, but it's prosaic and formulaic

Deke P (br) wrote: A classic. I saw once, many years ago. Want to see again.