Meenaxi: Tale of 3 Cities

Meenaxi: Tale of 3 Cities

Delving into the limitless world of creative endeavors, and vicissitudes in the way of such endeavors, this tale of an artist and his muse, like a painting, leaves itself open to interpretations and readings by every viewer...

Delving into the limitless world of creative endeavors, and vicissitudes in the way of such endeavors, this tale of an artist and his muse, like a painting, leaves itself open to interpretations and readings by every viewer... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Meenaxi: Tale of 3 Cities torrent reviews

Ben H (ru) wrote: Ancient Korean version of Oceans Eleven

Christian F (ca) wrote: the acting is horrible..not scary..dont even waste your time

Carlo Magno M (jp) wrote: "Gusto mong mag-coffee?" lol! Typical John Lloyd corny flirtatious lines but kilig RomCom movie. Not a bad combination to pair Angel Locsin & John Lloyd. Both shared several intimate scenes that is unusual to both. A one night stand just got complicated as they became unexpected co-workers. Both were burned in the past but one is more optimistic than the other. It's up to the optimistic still-romantic one to warm up the already callused heart of the other. Highly recommend to watch. Easily would've waited to rent DVD for a fraction of the cost but the other moviegoer's subtle hiyawan, kanchawan, & kiligan are so infectious & all you could do is join & laugh along. lol!

Kevin R (kr) wrote: A low budget mock documentary of the so-called possesion of Anneliese. I was quite disturbed and moved by the Exorcism of Emily Rose (based on Anneliese) and did quite a lot of reading into it. This film isn't worth downloading. I'd say her parents and priests were backwards thinking simpletons who couldn't understand mental illness and so thought it was possesion. I heard nothing demonic in the audio recordings of Anneliese, and from the photos she looked beaten and starved, her mental disorder worsened by religious old world ignorance. Watch the Exorcism of Emily Rose over this or The Exorcist or ... some other movie.

Carolina G (jp) wrote: Solo para aquellos con gusto adquirido por Kurosawa: es lenta, confusa y con un final salido de la nada. Muy buena pelicula.

Gabi B (au) wrote: That's a chemistry! And all the symbols as firelight, lakehouse, painted cards are used in such a way... Story maybe has too much coinsidences, but soon as I'd read plot I was so urged to see the movie. And also I don't like some fragments of Stephen acting, but Sophie and Dominique were without any reproaches. Directing of photography is great, soundtrack is suitable. And all the movie makes such a sence.

Sonali N (kr) wrote: i love this movie!! it's my all time favorite!!!!! :D :D

Sherry Z (es) wrote: I wish there were more reviews of what this film means, because it feels like there is so much it's trying to say. First off, it does feel a little dated, but still outlines the feeling of being on the edge of either great success or great failure (eg mediocrity) that going to an elite college can bring. It also brings into question what those friendships and connections mean in the long run-- does it really matter that your parents were wealthy and that you were given all the privileges of elite friendships that allows or does that just set a high bar for non-failure? You will likely know friends who become fabulously successful but that just means you will be harder to satisfy in life.the romance in this movie almost felt secondary and more like a device for revealing the manipulation and possible new starts available to everyone. overall, this was a movie about possibilities and being untied from set roles. friendships and sweety clichs are never add permanent as they seem and social interactions and people's perspectives on life is constantly in flux.

Alex r (it) wrote: In the mid to late eighties we had a series of cheesy tongue in cheek slasher flicks. Slaughter High is yet another cheesy horror film, but its not bad. Thats the thing. Of course these films are bad in context as these movies scrapes the bottom of the barrel with unused ideas and offer nothing new aside from bad dialogue, predictability and bad acting. However these films are pretty good considering how cheesy they are. Slaughter High is like a fine cut of cheese. It's iresistable and good. Thats what we have here with Slaughter High. This is a fun horror film with plenty of creative, gory deaths. Sure the film is derivative of other films, most notably Friday The 13th, but that doesn't stop Slaughter High from being an enjoyable slasher in its own right. The film stars Caroline Munro (Maniac) and she plays a popular teen who with her friends play a mean prank on the school oddball Marty. The prank turns almost fatal and Marty is disfigured and is committed to a psychiatric hospital. Five years later they're invited to a class reunion and only them show up, and they soon wonder why they're the only ones there. However they break into the school, and start having a party, but before they do they discover some bizarre things. Like they're old lockers filled with their missing stuff that they lost in high school. Soon they lighten up and start partying, and playing drinking games. Unfortunately for one of the gang, one of the beers has been tampered with, and his stomach inflates and his intestines explode out of his stomach. The gang are force to flee but they are locked in the school. They soon realize it was Marty who organized the whole thing, and he soon kills them off in very creative ways. Slaughter High is cheesy, and fun. But the thing with the film that actually surprised me is that the filmmakers layed off the bad dialogue a bit halfway through the film. Sure this film is a rehash of old ideas, but it's still an underrated gem. The acting and dialogue may not be excellent, but the strength of this film lies within it's creative and gory kills. In the end thats what a slasher film is about, the kills that the killer conjures for his victims. Slaughter High is severely underrated and a must see for cheesy horror fans.

Jenni E (kr) wrote: Pretty gross and weird. lol. It was alright for a Halloween movie.

Conan 3 (br) wrote: Rousing action movie. Reasonably faithful to the facts. Boys of all ages will like it. Rewards rewatching.

Deke P (br) wrote: A classic. But a bit sad to see these two stars that way. But then, that's acting. And 'realism'.

John P (br) wrote: As I watched Universal?s This Island Earth, I realized that throughout its running time, almost nothing happens. Almost nothing that that develops the characters, advances the plot, or rouses much interest in the viewer that is. The acting is wooden, not surprisingly considering that I?ve never heard of any of the cast members, and the dialogue is stilted and predictable. Most of the characters? actions are dictated not by their personalities or by what a real person would do in that situation, but rather by the needs of the plot, such as it is. Indeed most of the characters are only in this film to perform some plot function, without us ever finding out much about them. Faith Domergue?s character is only here to provide a love interest for the professor, and to scream on cue. The alien leader, seen for less than a minute, has no role other than to provide some sort of villain. The professor and Exeter are the only people who are given any real traits or motivation, and even then they?re not very well developed. A surprising amount of the movie is spent in travel time. Traveling from the professor?s lab to the aliens? base in Georgia. From Earth to the alien home world. From the alien planet back to earth. If they?d added a few jokes and a song and dance routine, this could have been a road picture. Of course, all this travel time is a half cocked attempt to hide just how little plot there really is. There?s barely enough material for a one hour made-for-TV movie, much less a ninety plus minute theatrical release. Watching this cinematic train wreck fills me with questions, such as. ? Wouldn?t you be in the least bit curious if you received a mailing from a company you had never heard of, with order forms and assembly instructions for a machine that?s at least a century ahead of current technology? ? Would you climb into a pilotless, windowless aircraft without any idea of the destination? ? Why don?t the scientists immediately recognize the aliens as such? We in the audience certainly do. ? Was it really necessary for the aliens to destroy their own compound, killing all of their ?guests?, when only three had escaped. ? Why does the alien leader declare that the humans are a security risk and that they must be stripped of their free will? Is he not aware that his species is actively recruiting talent from other races? ? What are the chances that the aliens? home world would be utterly destroyed within an hour of the humans? arrival? And would it have broken the budget to show even a brief glimpse of the attackers? ships? ? And above all, why would a reputable studio like Universal fund and release such a waek film? It?s not a completely horrible film, the special effects are actually quite good, but it doesn?t deserve most of the positive reviews it?s gotten. This movie did however, provide excellent material for the MST3K crew.

David L (us) wrote: It has some overacting and some overly silly moments, but Top Hat is nevertheless a very memorable and excellent film that greatly benefits from wonderful and catchy songs (especially memorable and beautiful Cheek to Cheek), terrific acting and dance sequences from Fred Astair and Ginger Rogers and funny, charming and always involving story. It is a deserved Best Picture nominee in a strong film year that manages to mix screwball comedy and musical wonderfully and almost seamslessly.

Zachary T (ag) wrote: Truly one of the best animated films of all time.

Kelly P (it) wrote: Cheesy! Terrible! Nothing like the first movie which was great!

Moya W (es) wrote: This is just one of those movies. It's easy to sit through and it's entertaining whilst watching it but it's easily forgotten afterwards. I usually like movies that Hugh Grant are in, even if I'm starting to get tired of him as an actor. Seeing as he always plays the same type of person with the same type of accent. But it's great when you want to kill some time.

Bebe B (kr) wrote: da e cool pacat ca mie nu-mi place..................

Eric H (es) wrote: Good film, until the end