Meerabai Not Out

Meerabai Not Out

Meera Achrekar, a mathematics teacher at Vishwaprem Vidyalaya, has been happy and single for quite a while now. The great love of her life has been, and will always remain, cricket and Anil Kumble. The meticulous number cruncher is, despite not being the classic eye-candy-teenage-fantasy-fodder, a huge hit in class, and that's because Meera, unlike most teachers of her school, is more fanatical about her religion-cricket-than even the school cricket captain. Living with her family in their small home in a Mumbai chawl, Meera was initiated into her temple of Wankhede Stadium by her brother, Mahesh.

A cricket-loving school-teacher faces challenges after agreeing to marry a doctor. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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