Meet Market

Meet Market

Lonely aspirants on the LA singles scene hook up at their local grocery store, where they can see and be seen by some of their dubiously eligible fellow singles, all the while hoping for one magical relationship that will finally click...

Lonely aspirants on the LA singles scene hook up at their local grocery store, where they can see and be seen by some of their dubiously eligible fellow singles, all the while hoping for one magical relationship that will finally click... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Paul N (us) wrote: Great movie if you're a fan of puzzles and literature. The only things I didn't like were the way Charles Dickens address the camera directly, and the supernatural ending!

Bij M (ca) wrote: Interestin concept, but how many asian boys do we see in England playin football? Loads! Maybe not in the England team, but thats because they're more interested in cricket. John Abraham and Arshad Warsi were good. Bipasha looked great!

Devon W (mx) wrote: I loved Alex Turner's first film, Dead Birds. In both, the man keeps a slow pace but counters it with moody atmosphere, large yet empty (and hopeless feeling) settings, interesting characters and a bizarre in-the-shadows enemy. This one doesn't feel as moody or tense as his first horror foray, but I loved it nonetheless.

Greg W (ca) wrote: like the Iraq war documentary No End in Sight, this movie about the U.S. military's systematic torture of terror suspects is a triumph not of reporting but of synthesis.

Marta K (fr) wrote: Rather strange, trying to be a fairy tale style story but not entirely getting there - still too much contact with dirty reality and a very unclear ending. It was recommended based on me liking Pan's Labyrinth, bu is really 5 steps behind it. Jodelle Ferland was not able to carry this film (largely) on her own. Neverhteless not a bad film - just not entirely what I expected.

Jenny N (fr) wrote: I didn't think it was possible for a teen movie to be THIS bad.

Paul C (br) wrote: If you only see one high-budget soft core period Hong Kong sex comedy involving a transplanted horse member, this is the one to see. Quite funny and athletic at times. Well worth a peak.

Slee B (mx) wrote: [left][color=green][b]Platoon Leader is another war movie and it's not a sequel to the 1986's Platoon. The movie is about a graduate from military school who goes to Vietnam and sees the fights. The movie is good because of the shooting and skirmishes between the Vietcong and the platoon.[/b][/color][/left]

Tommy H (au) wrote: Not a big fan of this movie, but Pink Floyd are my favorite band so the soundtrack alone gets it a 5 star rating from me.

Zachary G (de) wrote: This is one of those love/hate movies. I just wanted to see Stallone kick some ass and not some big muscle head who has no brain. Don't waste your time with this movie, it's really not good. If you want to see some good Stallone, watch Rocky.

Scott M (it) wrote: I continue to be unimpressed with anything Terrence (or "Terry" as he is credited here) Malick does (except for The New World, everything he's done I am strongly against). Paul Newman plays the worst cowboy in the history of cowboys, a total pushover, and it's unrealistic to think he would've made it as far as he did. Lee Marvin is also stupid enough not to just push Newman aside and make decisions for the both of them, but he lets Newman bring him down with him. One saving grace of the film is the final shot, which is just as artistic and beautiful as any painting I've seen. For a western comedy, however, the movie wasn't all that funny. I'd skip this one, even as a huge Newman fan.

Evan K (mx) wrote: Right in the middle for me. No pathos or ethos, but all the political comments are there. I think that it felt alienating because the culture is so different that a lot of actions seem peculiar to me. (Like begging for money and the garb). I think that the film overall feels immature especially techniqually, but still a fare watch.

HM F (mx) wrote: Curse of the Werewolf-Somewhat fair adaption of the Guy Endore novel lifts the story from its original French setting into the Spanish countryside where the backdrop of the Catholicism is heavy and generates some interesting background for the movie. Oliver Reed as a werewolf is worth the price of admission alone, although his inner beast is not unleashed until fairly late into the movie. Nonetheless, the make-up is an interesting take, with an emphasis on the ears, although the body make-up is less successful. Terrence Fisher holds back on the reveal of the monster, teasing us until the last 2o minutes of the movie. After that, the monster is leaping and climbing all around the stock Hammer sets; some good stunt work to be seen here. The melodrama is pretty standard for Hammer horror, well acted by the cast. The movie lifts one of the more unique aspects of the novel, the notion of the child werewolf who hunts by night but thinks he is dreaming. The part where the young boy talks about tasting the blood is chilling on screen as it is on the page. I have to admit, I was disappointed the first time I saw this movie years ago but a second viewing has the movie growing on me now.

Andy T (es) wrote: Dial M For Murder finds Hitchcock going into unfamiliar territory by extremely lessening his usual suspenseful scenes, but he more than makes up for it with an expertly told mystery.


Angelica G (au) wrote: very cute and romantic movie