Meet Mr. Callaghan

Meet Mr. Callaghan

A young woman is framed for the murder of a wealthy man who met his death at the hands of his heirs.

A young woman is framed for the murder of a wealthy man who met his death at the hands of his heirs. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lela R (es) wrote: I loved this movie I am so proud of Shane for making his dream come true . It was funny I can't wait for Shane to make a new movie.

Michelle R (mx) wrote: To be able to see how part of an established and respected newspaper works is great - when it's the New York Times it is awesome. Seeing how they cope with the rise of social media is interesting - there are still many of us who rely on accurate reporting and good writing - something that is now missing in the plethora of blogs that only give personal opinion and skewed facts.

Quinto W (au) wrote: The movie is pointless, boring and dull for most of its run, but after a while it starts getting so crazy and over-the-top that you can't help yourself with laughter.

Rebecca P (kr) wrote: A dramatic portrayal of the healing affect of the atonement of Jesus Christ.

Mark G (au) wrote: Takashi Miike takes a shot at the tokusatsu genre and gives us the entertaining Zebraman. In Yachiyo-ward, strange events are occuring. Birds are dying, bearded seals are migrating and aliens are hiding in the school. Oh, and there's a man dressed as a crab, running around with some scissors. During this unusual time, unpopular teacher Mr. Ichikawa has a rather strange form of escapism. Back in the late 70's, Ichikawa was a fan of a TV show called Zebraman. Unfortunately as less than 2% of the population watched the show, it soon got cancelled. At night Ichikawa dons the titular costume and leaps around his house pretending to fight criminals, and it's not too long until he decides to venture out. Although falling off the roof of his house was a poor start to proceedings. Before long, Zebraman encounters Crabman and with the help of a wheelchair bound student called Shinpei, he begins to realise that his dream of becoming a super hero my be attainable. Being a superhero isn't easy though, especially for Ichikawa. Not only does he have problems at work but his family life isn't exactly idyllic. His son is bullied, his daughter has become sexually aware and has bad taste in men and his wife is cheating. And of course, there's aliens to deal with...small green gooey aliens. Still, he does have a plethora of special moves including the Zebra-screw-punch. This is a good little film which is not only entertaining and fun but also has a message of 'believe in youself.' Strangely enough, I did wonder how much the creators of Kick Ass were influenced by this film as there are a few similarities and as this film was made in 2004, it was definitely first. Most notably, the story of a guy wanting to be a superhero but more obvious was the scene with Ichikawa dressed in his costume, striking poses in his mirror before exclaiming (well, according to the subtitles) "Kick ass." Either way, i enjoyed this and am looking forward to watching the sequel. I just wish I could get the theme tune out of my head...sha la la la, shalalalala, sha la la la...

Obed O (nl) wrote: Far more cerebral than Boyz 'N the Hood and Menace 2 Society, what this movie lacks in grit it more than makes up with in a compelling and complex story. Featuring a convincing performance from Sean Nelson as 'Fresh' who stars as the 12 year drug running protagonist who draws up a daring plan to find a way out of his unfortunate circumstances. The film uses chess as a metaphor to portray how the people around him quickly become pawns in his game of survival.

Lee M (es) wrote: Between a 6/10 and 7/10, what makes the film interesting is that it's so difficult to label as it appeals to lovers of both the horror and dramatic thriller genres.

Ryan H (jp) wrote: Here comes the hatred from my fellow classmates, but I really enjoyed Hatari! It was full of innocent fun and goofiness. The movie is probably much more exciting because we know they are real animals being used and real high speed chases with real dangers. I'm sure I wouldn't have been as entertained if the movie was full of CGI and no real adventure. Yes, John Wayne's character is a bit of a sexist, but they never say it's a good thing. I felt like Hawks was playing it off for laughs. Dallas was such a great character. When she came onto Sean was a great scene. "How do you like to kiss?" As for the harming of animals, what was the bad treatment? The monkeys was the only bad scene I could think of. I felt awful by the way they were ripping them from the trees and throwing them in the cages. But their suits to get them with the wire hats were funny. There really isn't much plot to Hatari! The story goes that a group of people are trying to get animals in Africa that the San Diego zoo wants. Along the way an Italian journalist comes by wanting to document everything and Sean doesn't want a woman around. This is supposed to cover 2 1/2 hours. The chase scenes in between the story is what keeps the excitement up, and the playfulness between the characters makes you care about the adventure. I laughed every time a new baby elephant arrived with Dallas. Right away we knew what the conversation was going to be like with Sean. And Buttons was such a charming character. He should be old and creepy for wanting Brandy, but I liked him so much that I was rooting for him. Plus he is a better match for her than Kurt or the frenchman. The last rhino capture in the end was so tense. It was excellent to see Hawks tell them to keep going with the shoot even though it actually got loose in real life. Knowing this before watching it made the scene that much more exciting. Perhaps it's a little long, but the film is charming enough to keep you going. I had a long day of exams, yet I still was awake for the entire picture.

Mark W (nl) wrote: Frankenstein actually felt like an extra in this movie, which was a bit of a shame if I'm honest... I have always considered him Universals top monster! As a whole it was decent but compared to Frankenstein's prior movie efforts and the original Wolf Man, this just doesn't hold a candle to them!

Greg W (jp) wrote: "3 Geezers" is painful: Simmons tags along doing his best Tim Allen impersonation, which is topped when Tim Allen himself shows up solely so the senior citizens can defecate in his bushes.

Denise P (fr) wrote: Torturously boring, punishingly long and borderline frustrating for any viewer who demands the slightest bit of coherence, Inherent Vice traps its promising cast in an overwhelming script that doesn't know what to do with itself and where to go -- and leaves audiences exiting the theater with a very thought-provoking question; "What was this movie about?"

Catherine L (jp) wrote: This so called "horror" movie couldn't even be considered horror in the slightest. The only think that would make it watchable is it's often less than amusing humor. At least it's better than it's sequel.

Kyle M (mx) wrote: Hard to review, but it's another western masterpiece directed by John Ford with similar feeling of "Stagecoach," but it's no better than the latter. (B+)(Full review coming soon - with better wording)

Noname (gb) wrote: Overall fun movie. Owen can do better but still pretty good in this one.