Meet My Mom

Meet My Mom

Ten year old Jared Marshall's life crumbled down after his parents' divorce a year ago. Not only does his dad put his job first since, mother uproots him from Iowa by moving in with her ma ...

A U.S. soldier serving in Afghanistan becomes a father figure to a lonely boy who writes to him from home in California. When the soldier returns from a tour of duty, romance begins to blossom between him and the boy's divorced mother. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jeri P (jp) wrote: An interesting approach to the many perspectives of storytelling within one family. Polley spends much time crafting this story but we're never fully sure of her own perspective, which feels like it would be the most important one were it included. I'm always a fan of her projects, and this is no exception.

SweetBeauty C (au) wrote: Moviethon starts now.

Adam M (nl) wrote: Wait for the DVD on Netflix. Not nearly the best armed forces themed film I've seen this month. Not even the best one this week. Decent acting. But the story lacks any substance or heart.

Rodhiana L (au) wrote: no child should go through what raimond did, suprised he didnt go nuts like his dad did...proves what dont kill you will only make u stronger and love can truly be unconditional

Amanda H (es) wrote: This movie is essentially nothing more than a lower-budget gay counterpart to American Pie. But considering how unoriginal and crass it is, I actually found it really funny. This definitely isn't going to appeal to everyone, and if you're homophobic or easily offended, stay away. Otherwise, this is definitely good for a laugh.

Marko R (us) wrote: Odlichan the Film. Prica o jednoj atipichnoj srpskoj porodici :), na islandski nachin.

Brandon C (nl) wrote: Not as girl as the first, but it is still good in its own right and still a great sequel. Definitely enjoy the personal vendetta from Riggs in this one because he finally exacts revenge on those who wronged him.

Denis Y (fr) wrote: Amusing and stylish given the period, the dubbing is annoying noticeable even in Cantonese though.

Matt G (gb) wrote: Here we are another classic Sandler rom-com full of his funnly loving Sandler charm we all miss and love. This time lets go to Hawaii and stumble across Lonely Womanising (Sandler) find love in Drew Barrymore, a cute charming young lady and the 2 hit it off more than The Wedding Singer, but one problem is that she has a one day memory and now full of love Sandler has to charm her and win her full on in anytime he can. It's such a funny and charmingly romantic flick with the moral of never giving up on the things you love. Purely amazingly beautiful film and I thought it was one of Sandler's best (well there isn't much anymore). Groundhog Day meets the wedding singer, where have the good times gone of Sandler's finest.

Yannis A (de) wrote: Decent, but I can never rate a sci-fi action film too high...

Shawn T (fr) wrote: Didn't see this one until kind of recently. Glad I got to!

Brittany O (fr) wrote: I really liked this movie! It was very different compared to the average horror. Its main focus so basically to get you to think about who works i haunted houses and how far will people go to get a scare out someone. Overall, it is very interesting and a good watch. May work for some and may not work others.

Bill S (fr) wrote: Yes, it's formula, but it's what I expect when I sit down to see an action / drama. It has nice interesting twists and Vince Vaughn isn't too shabby in it either. I'm a little surprised it went straight to video (or wherever!), because it is better than half the movies out right now.