Meet the Applegates

Meet the Applegates

Modeling themselves after an idyllic cookie-cutter suburban 1950's family, a colony of insects move from South America into the United States with the intent of getting access to the nation's nuclear resources.

Giant preying mantis living in a south American jungle decide to move into suburban USA. Disguised as humans, the mantis are planning something.. Could it be connected to dad's job in the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tom D (au) wrote: It's beautiful and charming. I had a blast watching this film. Everything was (almost) perfect. I never wanted it to end.

Diosme R (nl) wrote: An absolute tear jerker.

Jon S (ru) wrote: good movie, i loved the different types of weapons, the fighting scenes, and how they used rose petals as blood in the final battle. the only downfall was that the ending was ok, wished it was a little better.but overall good movie for those who seek Fantasy and Action genre.

Anand K (br) wrote: I'd run away-from this movie and its horseface star.

Leonard D (fr) wrote: Uggh! Battlefield Earth is looking better and better every time you waste your money on something such as this!

Jake A (it) wrote: Before I get on to the story of the film, the three main cast (Kidman, Baldwin and Pullman) bring in more than average performances and it looks good. ***Spoiler Alert*** I was expecting this to be your average thriller when it brought to the board a serial killer/rapist and someone new coming into the lives of a couple. Far from it, to be honest that isn't even the half of it. Kidman gives us a cold-hearted, mean, sexy and a killer instinct performance, Baldwin from the ofset looks like the bad guy and Pullman is the husband who gets embroiled in it all even though he doesn't know it.

Patrick M (jp) wrote: dated but fun michael j. fox in this too

Brendon M (au) wrote: One feels the depression-era criminal/familial politics exude from the screen. At once tragic and hilarious in the vein of dinner with ones country relatives.

William B (us) wrote: This film is a masterpiece. Great acting, fantastic cinematography and a timeless story make it a marvel to behold.

Dylan M (de) wrote: A truly funny comedy. Blades of Glory had a lot of funny scenes and can make you laugh. The rivals, Ferrell and Heder, are energetic fun in this figure skating themed film. Its painless and amusing.

Bret L (it) wrote: A great action film. Good story improved by Bruce Willis's performance.

Marcus W (au) wrote: Good film with lots of terribly bland songs.

Hala Z (us) wrote: Who knew about this movie?...I sure didn't. I didn't even pay attention to it when i looked through his resume. All i bothered to watch was everything after Gladiator,which is not right. I bumped into this movie while I was on Youtube checking a bunch of his interviews. I'm glad I did!! I never knew Russell Crowe had it in him to play a gay character..and a convincing one too. I do have to admit though, at first it was a bit difficult for me to watch him kiss a man, but that could be because i've only seen him play heterosexual characters in most of his movies. I mean do you blame me? Who would have guessed after seeing Gladiator!!Anywho, It's not an extremely funny comedy but it is light hearted and sweet. Parts of it were pretty sad and heart breaking, especially all the trouble this family runs through with homosexuality issues. It is a sweet old gem from the past..if you haven't seen it i say you should...unless you think you'll get a bit queezy watching Russell kissing another man! I got over it pretty quick.