Meet the Blacks

Meet the Blacks

As Carl Black gets the opportunity to move his family out of Chicago in hope of a better life, their arrival in Beverly Hills is timed with that city's annual purge, where all crime is legal for twelve hours.

When some unexpected money comes his way, Carl Black moves his family from cold and windy Chicago to bright and sunny Beverly Hills, Calif. But their arrival is timed with that city's annual purge, where all crime is legal for twelve hours. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tanvir M (it) wrote: Koreans can sure make films, and who knew they would turn out a film about archery that would be much better than Hollywood did, squeezing the story of Robin Hood dry! Very enjoyable historical action film, with the most creative use of archery that I have ever seen, and I have seen most if it!

Cam E (fr) wrote: Very disappointing. This film is supposed to be a horror. Now no doubt that this film had it's scary moments but I don't think people would find it scary or enjoy it. It's just a prime example of a terrible horror film. It's even worse than the Amityville Horror and that was dreadful. And like the Amityville Horror the acting sucks a lot. This film didn't work for me at all. The original was better

Jake M (ag) wrote: 2 Guns has been given mixed reviews by critics but I actually thought the film was good. Denzel Washington never disappoints he's been in a few of my favorite films and when I heard he was in this film after reading the plot I was a little shocked, however he did really well in the film. Mark Wahlberg is a good actor as well however he's not necessarily a favorite of mine but he did a very good job in this film as well and to be honest I think that he should find more roles like the role he played in this film because he plays his character really well. 2 Guns is a fun, violent, fast paced, and outrageous film that actually has a great dynamic duo, I hope Mark Wahlberg and Denzel Washington have more films together, if you are looking for an action movie with little meaning, and a lit of action sequences than rent this movie.

Marissa C (kr) wrote: Wicked little things was one of the best movies I have ever seen , when I watched this movie I was frightened yet addicted to it at the same time ... When you watch it many times like I have u don't want to stop watching it :)

Mike F (ca) wrote: good film, I don't think its fair to compare it to band of brothers, not the most realistic nor the most historically accurate but a great acting makes you feel for these guys

Steve D (br) wrote: Poor poor Kelly. I love Kelly Clarkson I think she is the best singer in the bis. But this movie is so so bad. Neither star can act (Kelly admits that she can't in any interview on this movie). Cring worthy besides the fact that Kelly sounds amazing as always

Conni B (au) wrote: Rating: A+A very good sequel that is even funnier than the first Austin Powers. A hilarious movie that shows that Mike Myers is undeniably a hilarious and amazing actor. It is one of the funniest movies I have ever seen, no doubt.

Nathan R (mx) wrote: For a movie that's 56 years old and relies solely on classical music, Fantasia is still an entertaining spectacle for both eyes and ears. Though it's definitely not for everyone, the animations are stunning and diverse through its many sections and leave viewers interested. The movie could have done without the pointless "Meet the Soundtrack" section and the Dance of the Hours segment left a little to be desired, but for the most part the animators created some gorgeous work and included some classic scenes like Mickey's first film appearance in The Sorcerer's Apprentice.

Joel H (jp) wrote: Platoon is a good film, but it doesn't really do much to separate itself from the rest of the pack of Vietnam War movies from around that time. Tom Berenger and Willem Dafoe give great performances, even if the rest of the cast is fairly one-dimensional. I guess this Best Picture winner is deserving of that award, even if my personal favorite movie from 1986 is Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

Brad C (jp) wrote: A great show! GO Indiana University! Dennis Quaid did an great job in this film! One of the best sports movies of all time!

Will T (ru) wrote: How the hell does this movie have a 100%?

Martin A (es) wrote: Kings Row is one of those films that grows with repeated watching. Based on Hanry Bellamnn's 1940 book of the same name, it explores the dark and the lighter sides of life in small-town middle America; though the issues are universal. Part kitchen-sink drama, part melodrama, part Gothic horror, it is a wonderful example of how the right team of actors, director, screen writer, cinematographer, composer and everyone else, can use all those potentials in cinema that so much modern film-making seems to have lost.For example, King's Row tells a simple story, but leaves room for the audience's imagination by suggesting rather than stating; lighting and music imply what lies behind and beneath the surface of everyday words; most of the characters are people whom we recognise from our own lives -- and where they are out-of-the-ordinary, their characters are slowly illuminated by the suggestiveness of the story, acting, script and everything else. For example, Paris' childhood sweetheart, Cassandra, goes gradually insane; and when she is killed by her father -- the seemingly benign Dr Tower -- the reasons are hinted at in a way that's worthy of David Lynch and "Twin Peaks." The sadistic town surgeon, Dr Gordon, never states clearly why he behaves as he does -- e.g. after an accident, he needlessly amputates both of Drake McHugh's legs. It is left to another character to explain that Gordon saw it as part of his mission in life to punish wickedness.For all these reasons and many more, this is an exemplary example of narrative cinema. One of the strongest tools is the presentation of the story through the eyes and actions of a group of children. It opens with the youngsters playing together in a pool on the edge of the town. There, the conversations between the children from differing backgrounds and different sides of the town, show how easily they mix in a sort of innocence that becomes spoiled by adult ambition and their growing awareness of the realities that lie behind the towns neat image. That progress is superbly captured by the combination of cinematography and music -- who can forget the scene where young Parris runs over the wooden style separating his part of town from the rest; and as Korngold's music rises slowly to a sumptuous climax, adult feet and legs fill the screen as they go back over the style in the opposite direction. As my then-four-year-old daughter said when she saw it: "And now he's a man." Exactly!Although the story is set mainly in the town of Kings Row, it has many scenes in Europe, where the main character, Parris Mitchell goes to study psychiatry. That's one of the book's brilliant touches; and the film captures it with subtle virtuosity. In intelligence and breeding, Parris was always a little above the others in this small town (his grandmother was well-educated French), though he never thought of himself as such. His studies in this then-new field of medicine help him to become the person who, more than anyone else, sees behind the surface of things. He then helps his childhood friends to do the same. The almost religious reverence in which psychiatry was held is well captured, as if the words of Jesus "You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free" are now understood through the liberating knowledge offered by psychiatry.As an exploration of dark doings behind the placid surface of a small community, this film has few equals. As an example of a cinematic team it is superb: director Sam Wood (A Night at the Opera - 1935; Goodbye, Mr Chips - 1939); cinematography James Wong Howe (Fire Over England - 1935; The Prisoner of Zenda - 1938; The Adventures of Tom Sawyer - 1938); original music Erich Wolfgang Korngold (Captain Blood - 1935; The Adventures of Robin Hood - 1938; The Sea Hawk & The Sea Wolf - 1940 & '41); principles Ann Sheridan, Robert Cummings, Ronald Regan (who always said it was his best film), Betty Field, Charles Coburn, Claude Rains, and Judith Anderson.They don't make them like this any more -- and we're the poorer for it.

Baurushan J (es) wrote: Finally, a movie with a simple story! The story takes place in 1978 where 12-year-old David played by Joey Cramer, a kid who went nowhere runs into the woods and is knocked unconscious only to find out that he is now 8 years into the future and he has no memory of where he was or has no idea of his surroundings. NASA officials determine that he has been abducted by aliens during his blackout which is why he has no recent memory or hasn't aged but they plan to scan his brain to unlock a few secrets of the universe. David boards a spaceship and meets MAX played by Paul Reubens and knowing that he cannot cope anymore in the future, he shifts back to present day. What a good kids movie and quite an underrated one too. I mean it does have good reviews but many people tend to forget its existence. Really check this one out since it ranks along the classic 1980s kids films such as E.T., The Goonies and Explorers. Flight Of The Navigator gets a solid 8/10.

Mohammed A (kr) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Kevin M W (ag) wrote: A solid, intelligent thriller by Fincher that exemplifies quality filmmaking. Warm up the edge of your seat, cause that's where you'll be for the whole of this.

John K (au) wrote: Metallica! Enough said.