Meet the Browns

Meet the Browns

A single mother living in inner city Chicago, Brenda has been struggling for years to make ends meet and keep her three kids off the street.But when she's laid off with no warning, she starts losing hope for the first time - until a letter arrives announcing the death of a father she's never met.Desperate for any kind of help, Brenda takes her family to Georgia for the funeral. But nothing could have prepared her for the Browns, her father's fun-loving, crass Southern clan. In a small-town world full of long afternoons and country fairs, Brenda struggles to get to know the family she never knew existed...and finds a brand new romance that just might change her life.The story is adapted by Tyler Perry from his stage play "Meet the Browns." Perry will portray Madea and Uncle Joe in the film.

Single mother Brenda suddenly loses her job, then she receives news that the father she never met is dead. Brenda takes her family to Georgia for the funeral of her father and there, her clan is introduced to the crass, fun-loving Brown family. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Meet the Browns torrent reviews

Ashley M (kr) wrote: It was okay but it was way to repetitive the end of the movie was good but the beginning was just repetitive

Terry H (ca) wrote: Ugh... What a disaster. The first one was really a fun fun, this was just awful. Being kind with my 1 and a half stars because of the kills... Helicopter, motor boat... You get the point.

Sebastian D (it) wrote: Too fable-like as for me.

Alex F (kr) wrote: It was OK but the end was just a waste of time and really quite boring. Non actors work in some movies but not in this one. Especially if the script isn't the best. You need to be an excellent director in order to accomplish a good job with non actors. As an example I could use Japon and Batalla en el Cielo by Carlos Reygadas. My opinion anyway, What do I know, right?

Dena S (ag) wrote: got fed up of the language and all of it after 10minutes, i feel like taking a dump on it :D

Nonit D (mx) wrote: It was a good movie!!!

Clinton K (br) wrote: A one-joke SNL skit taken way, way too far into a maudlin black-comedy mess. Hard not to love Al Franken, though.

Benjamin C (kr) wrote: Remembered watching this countless times as a kid. Now, watching it again 20-something years later, it's still as entertaining and genuine as ever. The voices are a perfect match, the dialogue is fantastic and well-acted for the most part, and the music is incredible. It can really get you teared up at some points too.

Vittorio B (jp) wrote: Buon thriller. Mi aspettavo un tantino di pi.Stranamente uscito in italia O__O

Darren M (au) wrote: Fantastic. One of my all time favourites I think. A brave and well told story.

Iain B (ag) wrote: Refreshing to see Bill Murray in something half decent for a change... It's been too long

Ethan L (jp) wrote: Vince Vaughn continues to expand his acting range, even if the rest of the film is decidedly average. C