Meet the In-Laws

Meet the In-Laws

Hyun-Joon (Song Sae-Byeok) is a comic book artist from the Jeolla-do region, now working in the capital city of Seoul. One day he meets Da-Hong (Lee Si-Young), a fan of his who is from the ...

Hyun-Joon (Song Sae-Byeok) is a comic book artist from the Jeolla-do region, now working in the capital city of Seoul. One day he meets Da-Hong (Lee Si-Young), a fan of his who is from the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mats B (au) wrote: Visserligen lskar jag bde B-film och cheerleaders, men denna film r verkligen genomrutten. Den borde frses med ldersgrnsen hgst 16 r.

Cole M (ca) wrote: What a waste of time. The CGI was horrible and the script was unbearable. The story started to actually look good once Janssen and Westwick woke up to a sunny morning, but the idiot scriptwriters just ruined everything. The ending was also stupid. What if the story was about the ghost as well so we wouldnt have a woman screaming at walls for 2 hours. I cant believe people actually fund nonsense like this.

Ellen B (ag) wrote: Made me feel glad to be an adult. A bit goofy. My son highly enjoyed it.

Salonikios V (fr) wrote: that's an exceptional movie!

danster b (fr) wrote: Great little gem from the UK.

Neil W (gb) wrote: The new Bob and Doug!!!

makkom m (ru) wrote: shows dark and naive teenage days with beautiful is too trendy so it could be "old" movie soon someday, but still remains my heart for a long time.

Lindsey W (kr) wrote: Surprisingly hilarious! Not to mention very cute! Worth seeing, at least to re-connect with the kid within you. :)

Andrew B (au) wrote: Probably the first Kubrick movie I've seen that could have been directed by someone else. It's not a bad movie by any stretch of the imagination, but it's lacks his signature style once you get past the boot camp segment. I think this is why a lot people say that the boot camp portion is better than the larger portion of the movie that actually takes place in Vietnam.Spoilers: It's not.There is a difference between being anti-military and anti-war, neither opinions are clearly right or wrong and that (among some other themes, masculinity being the other most obvious one) is what this movie is about. In boot camp we all want to be Joker. He's the intellectual, sarcastic one who understands "the duality of man" after all. But when you get on the ground Animal Mother starts to make a whole lot more sense.Overall I think it could have been a bit better if it had sunk into a more definitive style and the voice over could have been removed without losing almost anything of importance. But even if it is a weaker Kubrick film, it is still very much worth watching.

Phil H (ag) wrote: One of Charles Bands best known cult creations which is curiously similar to the horror comedy released a year prior 'Gremlins'.Clearly the best of the bunch this ghoulie romp see's a young couple inherit an old house with a dark secret in the grounds and the bowels of the house (as usual for old houses). The young man of the new house finds an old spell book (as you do) and is slowly possessed into conjuring up the ghoulie creatures to...well I'm not sure, something to do with devil worshipping blah blah blah.The film is of course low budget and completely trashy but the small puppet creatures are actually pretty neat looking and fun to watch. Much like the puppets from 'Puppet Master' the creations do hold a nice appeal and do look cool, they are all hand workable so you mainly get faces shots and torso's. Not really any blood or gore but the odd decent makeup job and with some curious names in the cast (Sting lookalike Michael Des Barres).Like many cheapo horror films the first isn't too bad but they just ruin any self respect by churning out terrible sequels.

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