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007 W (mx) wrote: Big hero 6 is really good, definitely one of the best kids movies of the year, 8/10

Brandon W (fr) wrote: Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie is the directorial and writing debut of James Rolfe and Kevin Finn, and it stars James Rolfe in an independent adventure comedy film about the nerd going with 2 other nerds to a mass burial filled with E.T Atari games as the fans wanted him to review it for so long, and to see whether it actually is labeled "the worst video game ever." I've been a fan of him when I first saw him on YouTube, which if it wasn't for him, I wouldn't get to see the Nostalgia Critic that was the main influence for me to become a critic. So when James Rolfe was making a film, I was looking forward to his film, even if it took a while for me to get to watch it even when his film was already out. So when I saw a discount for it from Steam, I bought it and finally got to see Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie, which in terms of movies by YouTubers, this is heck of a lot better than Michael Gallagher's Smiley. The acting is functional, and the writing by James Rolfe and Kevin Finn is fine. When it explains about the history of Atari's E.T, it's interesting to know about it, even though some of the facts I've heard from Atari: Game Over, which is not the film's fault as it came out before that documentary was out. The humor is a hit-or-miss for me, and I seem to realize that throughout the film, there are some of the characters that I've never heard of that say the same humor that the Nerd would say. With a budget of $325,327, the effects look surprisingly good as it has the necessary effects to put in for practical and computer effects, while putting in international fake effects for hilarity. The score by Bear McCarthy is good which it is cool that he wanted to do this film as he's a fan of the Nerd. The movie is honestly too long, which there are some scenes that can be edited out like the dream, which granted the first one is one of my favorite parts for some reason, but the other dream sequences can be taken out, and with some lines edited in, it wouldn't make much of a difference. It's also a bit self-indulgent which I was like, all right, I get it. I've not seen something like the plot before, and there are some twists that I like. I really like that James Rolfe is passionate about filming, and it really shows here. There are some major flaws here no doubt about it, but I like what he has done with the film, and I'm happy that I got to watch it as I'm sure that James Rolfe is happy that he actually made a feature film.

Marina N (mx) wrote: I grew up in Germany and always refused to give up on German film although t just keeps disappointing me. Nina Hoss has starred in some interesting productions, so I was very interested to see this critically acclaimed feature film.The story follows Yella, a young accountant accepting a job in a big city in GDR. She leaves behind her broke husband who is obsessing over her. The film shows Yella working with a businessman as an advisor (it was not perfectly clear what they actaully do) and develop as she is faced with the capitalistic business world. Nina Hoss gives an intense performance and carries the whole movie effortlesly. It's a study of the lead person's character but also the world at that time. "Yella" is a mellow thriller without bombastic effects but emotion-based suspense and anticipation. The ending is unexpected and invites you to think about the what ifs. It's probably not the movie that will find a place in your DVD favorites but it's well worth to fill an evening of entertained watching and deep thinking.

Aaron K (ca) wrote: An excellent biopic that shows the good and bad of Ray Robinson's life. While the style of story telling and Robinson's life seem clich at times, Foxx's portrayal of Ray kept me engrossed throughout. This is easily my favorite performance from Foxx so far.

Matthew J (fr) wrote: "Blood Work" is just another stupid Hollywood thriller. Film is badly acted (by all except by Anjelica Huston), badly directed and written. There are some hints of the great book it was based upon but it is just too little for it to make an exception. Thou the mystery is somewhat interesting the way it was made was clumsy, silly and pretty much routine. Bud on the more technical side: film looks great and has wonderful music composed by Lennie Niehaus. Another good thing about it is the before mentioned performance of Anjelica Huston who shines the screen every time she appears. But not even that is enough for me to give this typical and unsurprising thriller a thumbs up.

Okkay W (au) wrote: Richard Dutcher is a talented director. I'd like to see him branch out of the mormon genre more.

Adam R (ca) wrote: (First viewing - Spring 2007)

Steve W (ca) wrote: Greatest movie of all time. FIRST YOU DEFY ME THEN YOU MOCK MY HAIR!? YOU'RE DEAD!

bill s (it) wrote: It's not as good as Spinal Tap but it's in the neighborhood.

Reem W (es) wrote: One of the funniest movies to make it out of the eight ohs

Philco (us) wrote: Its been years since I have seen this movie. Been waiting for it to come out on DVD.

Tim S (fr) wrote: I know what you're thinking to yourself. Why on Earth would this guy give this piece a crap such a high rating? Well when it comes to the craptastic I try to be fair and base my rating based on the enjoyment of it, rather than the quality. I know going in that Guru, The Mad Monk is a pile of junk, but is it so bad that it's good? I wouldn't say good, but definitely mediocre. The trailer actually features all of the biggest moments outside of the lengthy dialogue, but those are some great turd moments. A lot of this movie is pretty boring, and it takes a journey down a different avenue at every single cut. You never have a handle on things and you're constantly engaged because you want to see what they'll do next. Don't get me wrong though. There's tons of drone-inducing dialogue all throughout the movie. Everything from backstories, conversations and just plain old craziness talking into a mirror, it's all pretty bad and not all that laugh-inducing. It's actually the absurdity of a bunch of New Yorkers putting on what appears to be a play but it's actually a movie. The costumes, locations, acting - it's all bad. There's even a constant medieval dirge playing constantly in the background of every scene that feels more like a metronome lulling you to sleep, but it winds up being charming and fun anyways. If you can manage to sit through it without falling asleep and you appreciate the craptastic, then Guru, The Mad Monk is for you.

visitorQ S (ca) wrote: Teilweise sehr absurde aber durchaus auch lustige und unterhaltsame Hammer Produktion. Hat mir gefallen. 3/5

Jess L (it) wrote: A fun filled, visual treat of a movie that is unparalleled in today's cinema. Literally, there is nothing like this being produced today, and whilst the majority would agree that is a good thing, I enjoy movies of this nature from this period, because they had an incredible amount of heart and originality put into them, quite the opposite of many movies in the present.A beautiful story of one woman's rise to fame, a relationship that suffers along the way but which ultimately comes back together, all against the back drop of some exquisitely choreographed sequences in the water tank. The scale of those scenes is amazing and is fun to watch, especially the scenes in the New York tank that involve an ensemble cast, lights and smoke, simply stunning.Not many people will enjoy this movie or others in the line of similar films made by Esther Williams at this time, but it's innocent and fun and I enjoyed it.

Yannis A (it) wrote: Three outstanding acting performances.

Frances H (ag) wrote: An outstanding film telling the story of Gerry and Guiseppe Conlon, who were falsely imprisoned by a government that knowingly used them as scapegoats to stifle public outcry over IRA bombings. Well acted by a stellar cast.

Paul N (ag) wrote: A good idea mostly ruined by a) A shonky script, b) An awful English baddie, and c)without doubt the worst CGI/model making I've seen since the 1970's when the sports car crashes down to the culvert. Had to rewind twice as I could believe it was really that awful!

Stephanie Z (br) wrote: Probably would give it more of a 2.75, but thought I'd be generous. The beginning was a little too weird for my taste, but I love pure action movies. This one was one of those and just kind of fun, dark, goth, good stuff. I actually liked the main actor more than I thought I would. I liked that her character was plain and simple, a badass. She wasn't a slut, she wasn't your typical bitch female, wasn't too cocky, and not too over-the-top, stupid flashy and I actually found myself rooting for a female character for the first time in a long time. I personally just like simple movies that aren't difficult to follow and do not require over-thinking. I watch movies as more of a form of relaxation than puzzles. The writers knew what they were doing and did not over-dramatize the death of characters no one really cared that much about anyway; they just moved on with the story. That is the type of writing that keeps me interested. Smart. This was a fun, industrial film I would not mind watching again and perhaps watching more of the series.

Jacob G (us) wrote: Surprisingly solid anthology. While the frame for presenting these stories is fairly mediocre, the actual short films range between "better than expected" and "whoa, holy cow that was much better than i expected." Even the low end of the spectrum managed to engage me as a viewer, even when the storyline was ridiculous, absurd, and downright gruesome. The story hooked me and I couldn't wait to see how they ended it. And that's pretty good. But the two standout stories (The Accident, Vision Stains) are what take this up a few grand notches. The Accident is a poetic exploration of a defining moment in a young girl's life. A number of the scenes in that are shot in a way that made it feel like it was taken out of a Lars Von Trier film. Vision Stains has one of the most beautifully ambitious sci-fi plot I've seen in a long time. It should be made into a full length, though it stands fairly well as-is.