Meeting Woody Allen

Meeting Woody Allen

Revolutionary French New Wave director Jean-Luc Godard conducts a twenty-five minute interview with influential and acclaimed American director Woody Allen on the cultural radiation, the ...

Revolutionary French New Wave director Jean-Luc Godard conducts a twenty-five minute interview with influential and acclaimed American director Woody Allen on the cultural radiation, the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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DJ J (es) wrote: I didnt know what to make of this movie at first. It was kinda dry and it took me having to be patient and to watch it with my wife instead of watching it by myself in order to get into it. It turned out to be pretty funny and i enjoyed watching it. I love Hollie. The sequal "Electra Luxx" is just as good.

Liam G (es) wrote: One of those brilliant little movies that no bugger has seen. Special.

EightThirty (es) wrote: Cool az.. Spirirual ninja stuff.. Excellent, there's a Part 2 .. check it out, sub heading:The Revelation ^_^

Ryan M (ag) wrote: The whole movie was just bad. Picked it up just to have a scary movie night and the plot was dumb and has so many plot holes. The title doesnt even fit the movie until about the end for 5 seconds. I wanted that hour and a half of my life back!

Nicholas R (jp) wrote: This is a great movie. The first time I saw it there were no subtitles, but we were able to figure most of it out. Good gun and fight sequences.

Edgar C (it) wrote: An unusual independent film with flawlessly differentiated bizarre characters dangerously approaching an existentialist state of mind, Hal Hartley appears in the cinematic media with a feature that refuses to be peculiar. On the contrary, it intentionally filters its target audience once the film has begun with no prior warning.What's the target audience, you ask? It is incredibly hard to say. I invite you, therefore, to draw a personality forecast.Simon is a garbageman that has a pretty much depressing and uneventful life, living with his sister and his mother, and vomiting (literally) on top of sluts' asses that seduce him while mocking him because he is nauseated at the sole concept of sex and suffering. These three people put together form a rather emotionally unstable and grim family to live with. One day, a supposedly talentless writer with a dubious and dark past appears, searching for a place to stay. Thanks to bizarre reasons, Simon agrees to shelter him with his family. It won't take so much time for Henry to spoil the family and turn things upside down... even for himself. While being a terrible influence for Simon's mother and Fay Grim, Simon Grim's sister, Henry awakes the "hidden literary and poetic potential" that was sleeping inside Harry for so long. After reading one of Simon's diary thoughts with a horribly constructed grammar, Henry's new goal is now to make something out of Simon's life. Why? Well, you'll be asking yourself what the hell is going on before you even think to ask yourself the motives of these alienated characters. Simon publishes his writings and becomes, indeed, a success; by a particular turn of events, now the tables for Henry and Simon are upside down, each one of them ending in the opposite places they were in the beginning.What's in the middle of the film? Fragments. Yes. Fragments of democracy criticism, literary conservatism, journalism, family chaos, unstable relationships, confessions and the money-driven mentality of publishers not looking beyond the money rather than new ideas (we have heard the same story about geniuses over and over again, until decades pass and they are finally recognized).I sincerely say that this was something I had never seen before. The aspects mentioned beforehand, along with the morally thought-prokoving ending (not an open ending really if you analyzed the characters closely) raised the rating close to a full 4-star score. Recommended.75/100

Charlie M (gb) wrote: Escaped convicts hold a rich girl runaway for ransom in this silly drama with a message and a heart. Of course the convicts become like parents to the girl and in the end they all hug each other Ahhhhhh.

Richard L (it) wrote: This is extremely painful to watch not because it is bad, but because it is a lesson in psychological horror. The first part of the movie has an ominous atmosphere even in the most trivial scenes.

David H (kr) wrote: The only thing New York about Martin Scorsese(TM)s second feature, Boxcar Bertha is the Yankee gambler, Rake Brown. Set in the south during the Great Depression, Bertha and her three newly acquired friends, Rake, Bill (a union worker), and Von travel the country jumping on freight trains robbing the wealthy blind. Like a great number of Scorsese films, they empathize anti-hero characters who rely on violence to solve their problems. Boxcar Bertha is no different.The last shoot out sequence in the story foreshadows Travis Bickle(TM)s bloody massacre scene in Taxi Driver. The final sequence opens with a low-angle shot from above of the sheriff, hammering stakes through Bill(TM)s wrist, tacking him on the train car. The next shot is a familiar religious imagery that runs through nearly all of Martin Scorsese(TM)s films. It is of Bill tacked on the train, hanging by his wrist like Jesus Christ on the cross. Like the build up of that mass murder sequence in Taxi Driver, the violence happens suddenly and unexpectedly. Surrounded by seven to eight law enforcers, they snicker and gaze at Bill, as the train takes off with his last breath; sadistically enjoying the sight of his pain.thenA shotgun nozzle enters the frame from the right side. Von, mercilessly, picks and chooses his victims at will. The law men are slow to realize what is happening. But when they do, it is too late. Their bodies have already been gaped with two, three shots of lead. When you think about Martin Scorsese, Boxcar Bertha is not the first movie that comes to mind. Instead they are Mean Streets (1973), Taxi Driver (1976), Raging Bull (1980), or Goodfellas (1990). But as you watch this movie, aside from the frantic pacing and New York setting - the quick shots, anti-hero characters, exaggerated violences, religious themes are all there in Martin Scorsese(TM)s second feature, Boxcar Bertha.

Emre T (mx) wrote: Widely regarded as the first major film by Glauber Rocha, one of the key figures of the cinema nuovo, this exciting 1964 Brazilian feature draws on myth and folklore in exploring the sertao in 1940. Strongly recommended

Matt S (au) wrote: Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country is the last adventure for the Original Enterprise crew. This is a much better film than Star Trek V. Bringing back Star Trek II director Nicholas Myer, this film is a bit of a political thriller in space. This adds yet another layer to Star Trek. The crew are supposed to oversee peace talks with Klingons. All the while there is a conspiracy at hand that is blaming Kirk for killing one of the delegates. This all unravels in a natural way. The cast turns in great performances as expected. One of the best.

Robert D (us) wrote: pacino and mcconaughey make a good team. but the story was lacking something