• Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1981
  • Language:Dutch
  • Reference:Imdb
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Meetings torrent reviews

Anni L (kr) wrote: I'm not even sure why I love this movie so much. I'm a big fan of Jack Black, but I don't know if that fact justifies how many times I've watched this. It was free on YouTube for a while, so I watched it every day for a time. I even rented it once. I could watch it a million times. What's wrong with me?

Jovi J (ru) wrote: i watched this for the first time tonight july 2016 and I think it is too complicated for kids and too simple for adults. time travel is a difficult thing to pull off in movies. a lot of feel good stuff within the movie but overall a weak movie especially compared to other Disney animated movies.

Josh K (mx) wrote: actually a pretty good war movie and it didnt have a blockbuster budget.

Private U (br) wrote: 4 Executive Producers, 6 Co-Executive Producers, 5 Producers, 3 Co-Producers... man, what a top heavy film. I doubt that poor director Michael Haussman stood much of a chance or had any real voice against those over powering numbers... and that is not even counting the shouts of star Val Kilmer (if campfire stories about him are true). Confussing flow of a story but sufficiently entertaining because of the performances. See Kilmer drink, see Amy Smart smoke, see Shepard crew a stogie... good fun

Jake C (de) wrote: I love this movie! I can add it to my video collection.

Shane P (br) wrote: I'm not big on romantic comedies, but this one isn't as bad as most. Jason Lee gives another great performance as does David Schwimmer. The scene where he's trying to cover up an affair he's having while supposed to be in Detroit, is hard to do when he's talking to his fiancee on the phone and the other girl is in the shower intentionally singing loud. "Yeah, Max, What's going on in Detroit?" And, yes, the movie soundtrack does include "At Last".

Luigi R (kr) wrote: Great B-Movie. Funny as hell!The Hell Cop was very cool. I liked it.

Zoran S (nl) wrote: Cary Grant and Tony Curtis are charming but this is too long and dated. The cheesy sexist humor doesn't help matters either. It does have the awesome Gene Evans in it though.

Lexie T (gb) wrote: Wasn't as good as other adaptations - the ending wasn't what it ought to have been - however Sophia Myles was divine as Lucy and Marc Warren gave me the creeps from his first scene as the Count. I was also impressed by Tom Burke as the young Dr who is in love with Lucy but not destined to marry her - he will be an actor to watch out for in the future I think.

Gavin P (de) wrote: One of Hitchcock's best films - and funniest! Simple premise: two strangers - Guy Haines (Granger, a tennis player) and Bruno Anthony (Walker, rich playboy who looks like Bill Murray!) - meet on a train, where Bruno proposes to solve their issues (unfaithful wife & tight-arse dad, respectively) by each murdering the other's "problem", there'll be no motive. Guy laughs it off, but Bruno's a bit nuts and goes through with it. From there, it's all cat and mouse as Guy tries to prove his innocence. Plenty of humorous moments, as it's not done too seriously, and a great finale.

Roy C (nl) wrote: Pits the empowered Kailey Sullivan (played by Famke Janssen) against the sexist opinions of men who fear emasculation by her superior pool skills. The music is alluring, the performances are pleasing, and the ending is a real tearjerker. Kailey and Gulley were so close to getting away too, but that cop just had to shoot her! 'You drive a truck? That's great!'

Dwayne R (ru) wrote: I found it hard to care.