Mega Mindy en de Snoepbaron

Mega Mindy en de Snoepbaron

Another movie in the series about superhero Mega Mindy, who together with her grandma and grandpa Fonkel and friend and colleague Toby rescue the world from evil.

Louis des Bonbons de Douleur de Vente made his fortune selling candy, but his factory is closed down for lack of income now everyone now prefers the old-fashioned kinds. So the candy baron ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gavin P (ru) wrote: Not a terrible thriller/heist movie, but it was a little predictable - ex-con gets out of jail, but then gets pulled back into the criminal underworld by his old partner's son. Pretty gross when you find out Jackson has been sleeping with his daughter (that he thought he never had) all along! Needed more Wilkinson to try & elevate it more.

Julie D (ag) wrote: A bit predictable with Gillian Anderson and the guy who played her brother in how they reacted but I really liked Michael Caine and Clemence Poesy. I thought it was a sweet story and I love Paris so it was fun to see his apartment and the surrounding city.

Doug L (fr) wrote: Good atmospheric story of Asian teen alienation--reminded me a bit of the mood of Lost in Translation. Made me feel cold and a bit sad...

Karia Q (kr) wrote: Ehhhh, I guess it was ok in some parts.

Lady D (ag) wrote: Bought but not yet watched

Kelsey R (de) wrote: i loved this movie for some reason.

John R (au) wrote: 150514: Way too slow for a ten year old. Other than Donna Murphy looking good, found no real enthusiasm for this insurrection.

Nishad P (mx) wrote: truly a childish fantasy story based on stamp collecting.. one of many ive seen in recent times.. like the flying shoe.. etc.. decent storyline for a fantasy.. likable characters..

Cody M (ru) wrote: It's bad, but not terrible. Sure it's an E.T. knockoff, but there's that wonderful score that doesn't make it all torture.

Guillaume D (kr) wrote: Avec la fille blonde la plus insuportable de l'histoire du cinma franais! Srieux O? EST-CE QU'ILS L'ONT TROUV?E????

Rainer K (us) wrote: Edgar, Edgar,.. you're so right. As you pointed out in the comment section of your review - we'll probably have highly intense arguments about this.A film like this, actually anything that so intensely discusses spirituality, religion and Christianity is a very difficile topic (in this group).I don't really want to engage into a battle with anyone of you at the moment, so I'll try to stick more to the aesthetics and overall style of the film for now.The whole film has a rather distinctive 90s look and charm (or better non-charm). I was reminded of popular supernatural 90s TV shows that looked quite similar to this (although a lot cheaper), only that the special effects work in The Rapture was much better.The presence of David Duchovny even enhanced this feeling (Ironically he wasn't so strongly associated with this kind of media output back then. For today's viewer it's pretty amusing to see Duchovny in such a film - kind of a confirmation).The Rapture begins like an erothic thriller, actually with a swinger party. It's weird, funny and BOOBS!Then, out of the blue, our main character Sharon (played by Mimi Rogers, a practicing Scientologist, lol) becomes superreligious and turns her life around. I didn't understand her motivation or the reason for this radical change (maybe I missed a scene but was there some moment of epiphany or did she just wanted to see the pearl too so badly, that she tried to force her salvation.Well, she becomes a devoted Christian and acts a bit like she's member of a sect/cult (The position of writer/director Tolkin in all this is another mystery for me. Does he want to ridicule faith or is he himself a believer in God?). She converts her boyfriend Randy (Duchovny) to Christianity and they live a happy life with their daughter for the next six years.SPOILER:Randy gets killed though, and that's the moment when it gets really weird but also a bit more interesting.Their daughter, overreacts in her wish to see her daddy again and wants to die (because, well, then she'll see him again, obviously). So her mum takes her on a camping trip to the desert where they wait for god to appear and ascent into heaven. Surprise, surprise, this doesn't work out, so mother Sharon shoots her daughter but then realizes she can't commit suicide because she won't be allowed in heaven (and I thought murder is also a bad thing...).Here, Tolkin should have stopped imo. This would have made a quite fitting end. Sharon killing her daughter and realizing that nothing changed beside the fact that she's a murderer now. But Tolkin wasn't finished yet. He wanted to leave the stage with a bang and thus the film ends with Judgment Day - and Sharon, who can't accept the ongoings of the last few days and lost her belief in God, must stay in purgatory forever.I'm not sure, if I got this all right, I'm not that good with biblical stories either so forgive me if I used some wrong notations. The Rapture seemed a bit ill-conceived. I'm still not sure what Tolkin tries to tell us with his film or even what his position is. It's a weird and sometimes unpleasant watch, ber-spiritual, pretentious and not exactly mindblowing visually.A cheesy, overly dark 90s melodrama, that doesn't really stand out in any category (beside the fact that it's excellent material to provoke a huge fight between Christians and Atheists or people of other religion). I just can't help but getting cynical discussing this.

Shelly C (mx) wrote: all i remember is my ex and his friends repeatedly saying "wendigoooo" in an ominious voice. if i recall it was also decent?

Khalid M (fr) wrote: Its twisted, its insane, its frikin awesome!!:D

Lori B (ag) wrote: This is the second Robert Bresson film I've featured in this series (with two more left to discuss) which is no coincidence because Bresson really is among the very greatest French directors. In his films, he explores a criminal, a prisoner, and even a donkey. And in Diary of a Country Priest, he explores the life of a pious man surrounded by cruelty. I am not a religious person, but Bresson depicts his "little priest" in such a way that one cannot help but feel sympathetic for a man who lives his faith in a world that has none. By the end, I was mesmerized and deeply moved by this simple story.

Melanie D (ag) wrote: A modern retelling of Beauty and the Beast - it's not bad but at times feels a bit clunky as it struggles to follow the original storyline too closely. (Why would she really move into his house?!) Admirable though it is in sentiment (that inner beauty is what really counts) it's a shame that this message was completely undermined at the end of the film when his looks are returned to him - it would have been a refreshing change if he'd stayed "ugly" wouldn't it?!

Richard D (fr) wrote: It had been many years since I saw this and I had not remembered how much this is like a Tarantino film. It's not just that the script has his hallmarks, Rodriguez shoots many of the scenes exactly the way Tarantino would have (shot looking up from inside a trunk anyone?). It's really like a pretty mediocre Tarantino film. It's got all the elements of one of his films, but they never really gel. That's all about the first half. The second half of this film is a pretty generic action-horror-gorefest. It's not bad, but it's never anything more than okay. This does stand out as one of the less obnoxious Tarantino onscreen appearances.

Henry G (de) wrote: It was a powerful movie with great performances. I love how they showed Oscar grant as a good guy with a sorted history in staying out of trouble trying to imorove his life and still a work in progress with his family. It's a tearjerker but also a must see!

Unfelia C (au) wrote: Again the same thing good story but the ending is too early

Cristbal S (au) wrote: The rise and fall of a broken man. Probably the best perfomance of De Niro's career, and one of the greatest pictures directed by Martin Scorsese.

Adrian S (ag) wrote: An erotic and terrifically-lensed S&M drama involving a kinky love affair between a (gasp!) moth professor and her maid. Peter Strickland, of the boring but well-crafted giallo horror revival piece Berberian Sound Studio, is a technical maverick! Every frame drips with sexual tension and permeates with metaphors, leaving room for your (wild) imagination yet tightly woven to its central theme. While Berberian was an exercise in stylistic indulgence, Strickland takes more care to explore the undercurrents of the S&M relationship and upends our own presumptions. More psychologically suggestive than certain, The Duke of Burgundy certainly offers more than 50 shades of grey. Fans of Jane Campion and Peter Greenaway will certainly lap this up!