Mega Python vs. Gatoroid

Mega Python vs. Gatoroid

A fanatical animal rights activist (Debbie Gibson) releases giant pythons into the Everglades, believing the wild animals should be set free. When they start decimating the native animal population, an over-zealous park ranger (Tiffany) feeds experimental steroids to wild alligators so they can fight back. The giant pythons and gargantuan alligators go on a killing spree, and it is now left up to the two feuding women to put aside their differences to put a stop to the creatures and the destruction.

When doctor and activist Nikki Riley makes a serious mistake which is to unleashes a python, rival doctor Terry O’Hara decides to find a reptile hunter. Because of the death of Terry O’Hara's boy friend, she determines to create alligator to stop menace. A deadly battle occurs! . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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andy b (mx) wrote: Chilling to the bone

Mads D (au) wrote: Jeg gik til denne film med bange anelser. Men Ulrich Thomsen er faktisk utrolig sjov og Nikolaj Lie Kaas gr det glimrende som den meget kunstnerisk tnkende instruktr der pludselig bliver tvunget til samarbejde med Ulrich Thomsen. Filmen er et spark i skridtet til anmeldere og publikum der forsger at vre fine p den, og samtidig er man godt underholdt. En god, typisk dansk actionkomedie!

Sahitya S (nl) wrote: This film is impressive. although its been directed in the south indian style of film making it does not take away from the interesting story and screenplay of the film written by Dr. Kamal Hassan. the HERO of the film without an iota of doubt is Dr. Kamal Hassan. what a performer. i think the only person who can come close to him in acting in India is Pankaj Kapoor. Kamal Hassan performs the 10 characters superbly and so differently. and the 10 roles are not just there for the sake of it. if u think deeper u realise the essence of it. and to compliment him is Asin who i think is really a beautiful actor too. she lights up the screen. its mind boggling when 3 to 5 characters that Kamal Hassan is playing come together on the screen at the same time and space. i m sure it must have been tough to shoot those scenes considering the kind of make up that has gone into make those characters. which gets me to complimenting the make up artists. what a job. they made kamal hassan look like George Bush, a 90 year old lady, a Sardarji, an American CIA agent, a Bengali Cop, a tall Muslim, a dalit activist, a pandit & the japanese martial arts master. the rest of it was bought to life by Kamal Hassan. he made them funny, he made them intense, he made them thoughtful, he made them sad, he made them fight, he made them dance, he did it all. the photography, editing and computer graphics are top notch. the music by himesh - not great definately a watchable film.

Andy F (au) wrote: The fifth in the Hellraiser series and the first going direct to DVD. It's a surprisingly decent attempt and is a dark individual story about the latest person to come into possession of 'the box'. Probably the best in the series since 'Hellbound'. I can't believe I'm recommending this, but if you approach with an open mind it's actually a decent horror film.

Brent M (it) wrote: Watch it for cuteness, romance, and scenery. I watched this movie more to see Arye Gross than the plot. He's a very good actor that does well in this almost too cute movie. Jessica Fletcher was a nice bonus too. Anyway the writing is kinda mediocre and the editing of the movie was odd, there was a couple places where they seemed to cut out something important as theres a sudden oooh moment. Its cute and sweet but oddly lacking in drama, crying jags but no one really even raises their voice.

James O (fr) wrote: Don't you just hate it when you're out golfing, minding your own business, when suddenly, a ninja comes out of nowhere and starts killing everyone around you before eventually dispatching you? Then the cops come and after killing several cops, they blow the ninja to kingdom come, but not before he transfers his soul into the body of a telephone repair-woman/aerobics instructor? Well, that's just the opening of this incredible ninja epic. It stars the always awesome Sho Kosugi as the good ninja, and Lucinda Dickey as Christie, the possessed aerobics instructor. The martial arts fights are all incredibly well choreographed, but the scenes between the fights kind of drag in places. This being the third in the "ninja" trilogy starring Sho Kosugi (the others being Enter the Ninja and Revenge of the Ninja), they had to come up with some idea to set this apart from other ninja movies, so why not mix a ninja movie with The Exorcist? There's a great scene at a Japanese spiritualist's place where we find out Christie is possessed by the Black Ninja, and only a good ninja (Sho Kosugi) and stop the evil spirit. Dickey really astonished me with how amazing she could act possessed. The final battle was an epic showdown that lasted a full 12 minutes! I don't know anyone who doesn't like ninjas, and if you like ninjas you'll like this movie a lot.

Andy P (ca) wrote: Peckinpah masterfully creates a disturbing, uneasy feeling of tension throughout the whole film, and directs one of the most powerful rape scenes in cinema. A compelling meditation on the rage and monstrosity that is hidden in many men, waiting to be unleashed.

Jay H (br) wrote: Ok, John Lennon is in it.

Lynda M (mx) wrote: Ms Rutherford's performances for Miss Marples raised the standards where no one have been able to bring so much humour and charm. Of course the Miss Marples films are all in the same style, yet always worth watching Margaret in action.

Carlos M (us) wrote: Chaplin's first sound film (but still with no voices, for he wanted it to be a universal tale) was this wonderful and funny movie of transition from the silents to the talkies, structured as a series of fantastic sketch-like scenes and with an incredibly moving, unforgettable last scene.