A crack in the world has started... we have 24 hours to stop it.

When miner Charley 'Boomer' Baxter sets off a series of massive mining detonations in West Virginia, a gigantic earthquake is soon rocking the North Atlantic, exposing a deep seismic fault ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


MegaFault torrent reviews

Donna L (gb) wrote: predictable, but watchable.

Jamin C (kr) wrote: Previous movies were better

Khurram A (gb) wrote: This was a very enjoyable movie about a team of under dog football players. This movie had a lot of male machismo, emotions and restrained bits of comedy...

Jocey D (gb) wrote: Lots of young beautiful tight muscular black bodies fill the screen. There's way too much testosterone. This movie has the same formulaic plot as so many others: two rival dance squads with member of each falling for same gorgeous rich girl. The poor underdog wins it all in the end through his sheer determination and hard work. There is also a lot of high energy stepping and stomping.

Evan S (au) wrote: I LOVED THIS MOVIE!!! Not for everyone, but William H. Macy is truly spectacular!!

Lucas V (ag) wrote: Sucked. Plain and simple.

Kayla K (it) wrote: Movie Review: Walk the Line Not every movie has the ability to capture a viewer's attention, yet it's even harder to find a movie that changes the way its audience feels about particular life views. Walk the Line captured my heart and also gave me a sense of knowing that I'm not the only one. It changed my views on life. Before watching this movie, I felt alone and like no one would ever understand how I was feeling in my situation. After watching Walk the Line, everything happens for a reason and that this is what would later shape the person I would become today. I would either give up by letting my misery consume me, or I wouldn't let everyone else's mistakes become mine. I learned to let go of those feelings and become determined to follow my own path. Having felt this way, Walk the Line is a very relatable and entertaining movie that also includes a historical view on life in that time period. As a youth going through tough times myself, I felt a bond with the Johnny Cash portrayed in Walk the Line. Cash's childhood involved an abusive, drunken father, but he found a way through it all. Cash became mesmerized with music, specifically the Carter family's, during his troubled youth. Music seems to be an outlet for anyone now, to just let out whatever and still be accepted by society. At first, Johnny had a hard time getting anyone to listen to his music because his songs were too personal. Johnny later changed his style to the one everyone now knows. Enjoying a movie isn't always about how well it was put together, or who plays in it. This movie is entertaining because it's relatable, yet also a historical piece about Johnny's life. An enjoyable movie can also pull heart strings, or give someone closure. The actors involved really set the standard for this movie. No one could have made a better June Carter than the comical Reese Witherspoon. Director James Mangold wrote the script alongside Gill Dennis, and they both did a terrific job with the story line. At times it seemed like it wasn't centered on Johnny, but rather June and how Johnny affected her life. However, the turning point of Johnny's life does revolve around June and her family. June and her family moved into Johnny's house so they could all take care of him and help him fight his addictions. The mood and the storyline of this biopic is depressing. Throughout the movie, there were times where Johnny became desperate and didn't know what to do. Thanks to June, this movie just goes to show you that caring about someone goes a long way in the end. June attempted many times to keep Johnny away from drugs and alcohol. Johnny's whole life is a historical event. He greatly impacted everyone around him and they did the same to him. When Johnny and June were children, they grew up in the great depression. The Carter family was the original country music family in there time. June grew up in the family business, but Johnny wanted to get away from anything reminding him of his painful youth. He wanted to follow the only thing that was always there to rescue him, music. Johnny wanted to give back to everyone, and he was phenomenal. Surprisingly, Johnny started out playing gospel music, not the country style that everyone loved so much. Johnny's songs were everything that everyone needed, and also what they wanted. His music inspired many people of different cultures. A lot of people value him, and also the impact he made on society as a hole. Johnny's music made a huge impact on society. Music made him relatable to everyone who listened. This movie reveals the history behind the legend, and how Johnny's life was not so different from a lot of people. In my opinion, his story is more relatable and heartfelt than others. This is a great movie that appeals to me personally because I can relate to a historical figure, his life, and his music. This movie captures the audience's attention in a way that appeals to the intended viewer. Walk the Line is influential and can change the way you view something in your own life, or it can also give you closure by knowing someone had it worse. If you have never heard Johnny Cash's life story, I would definitely suggest this movie to anyone wanting to know more about him.

Steve C (ca) wrote: The directors cut MUST be seen. 20th century fox should be ashamed they made Scott cut and butcher the film the way he did. Please watch the directors cut. For anyone to say its a masterpiece is an understatement.

James H (gb) wrote: Fair suspense thriller, for the most part it held my interest, but there was nothing outstanding in the film. Very average acting and production.

Mithil B (fr) wrote: Not for the impatient viewers. But if you are patient, you will be rewarded. Masterpiece!

E L (it) wrote: More of the same adolescent retardedness, although the first one had some anarchic charm. This one crap in every aspect, conventional, bad animation, direction and storyline. The poster has better art than the entire movie.

Wahida K (gb) wrote: Ajooba Ajooba:: The great R.D. BURMANFav Quote:When Kader Khan is asked for the reasons in the Movie he keeps answering:: There are three Reasons::Reason 1. I cannt rememberReason 2. I just forgotReason 3. It`s not very important Well what to say about this Movie, apart from the twins there is a similarity between this Movie and Kishen Kanhaiya. It is mostly actually a comedy than a Drama. I will recommend it, not at any cost but the song Ajooba is worth watching. Ajooba means wonder.My fav bit, after the song (Dil Ka Darwaza) where Madhuri tries to seduce Anil and the song is over, the CLOSE UP KISS SCENE.He sits on his Horse, when song was over he called her. Come here. What is this all about? Anil/Raajkumar I am showing some Love. Madhuri smiles This is what you call LOVE? Rajkumar didnt like it?Madhuri I ll show you what LOVE means. Rajkumar He lifts her at once and Kisses on her Lips. It was so cool to see the expression on Madhuri`s Face.

Lene (ru) wrote: Cheesy 80s movie but really cool to see lower east side in the 80s as well as bands like DNA and The Plastics. Debbie Harry and Fab 5 Freddy also have fun cameos.

Justin T (us) wrote: This film was dreadful and not in a good way. The movie starts with a flashback which encompasses 40 minutes (half of the movie pretty much) and goes on way too long. The prologue is supposed to set up the second half of the film but what happens is mostly confusing and infuriating. When the movie does get going it is revealed to us that most of the potential victims who will die are mute children making this the quietest horror movie ever made. Anyway I think the movie breaks a lot of common sense rules even for horror movie standards. When all was said and done I just felt anger. Avoid the movie unless you're a hardcore Michael Berryman fan.

Marc L (kr) wrote: Very confused movie: too violent and vulgar for kids, too sentimental for hard core sci-fi fans. A movie that will leave everyone wondering who the movie was targeting.

F B (au) wrote: Watchable documentary which highlights the deep prejudices still going on in the USA.

Aaron G (mx) wrote: Somehow even better than the first... which I liked immensely.

Max G (de) wrote: The best way to describe The Killing Joke was an ok movie that was tied down with dozens and dozens of pointless subplots that add nothing to the original story.