• Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1961
  • Language:Bengali
  • Reference:Imdb
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Megh torrent reviews

Natalie M (us) wrote: Steve Jobs is such a fascinating man that you can sit and watch his talking head for more than an hour and still want more.

Ylber M (au) wrote: A good idea but the film wasn't more than average. the story was uninteresting the acting performances where somewhere between terrible and average. it is just a good movie when you don't have nothing else to do. Don't buy or rent this movie it isn't worth.

Monet J (de) wrote: This movie sucked..the zombies spent more time killing animals then people. Wasn't scary!

Hed M (fr) wrote: Really loved it, felt quite empowered being a larger girl. I wanted to know more once it ended.

Matt S (es) wrote: A lot of the lines seemed a bit forced and the characters were quite shallow. Still a very watchable movie with a decent story line.

Sureshot P (ru) wrote: This movie isn't for everybody, but every time I saw it I found it to be really compelling and intelligent. It's not just the animation that I was really impressed with. Like slacker it goes through loads of dialogue scenes with different people and I've always believed that choosing that kind of structure for a film would be a real challenge to write, but as always Richard Linklater did it perfectly. Listening to all the philosophical lectures is really interesting and the writing and execution in general is fascinating and I really think this is underrated out of all the superb Linklater movies, it's a shame that I don't hear many people talking about it.

hannah b (br) wrote: what a lovely film, billy piper aint bad at acting in this and blake ritson plays edward well. its a nice story about fanny (Piper) having to live with her aunt and uncle. lots goes on and she's walked all over but soon ends up loving her cousin edward. its sweet and funny in parts, a nice jane austen story, its was made quite well. i'd love to read the book now to see more. worth seeing. a lovely film

MarcAndr B (it) wrote: A rare instance where the remake does justice to the original and, in some ways, surpasses it. A stellar performance by Naomi Watts really drives this movie as we follow her through the twists and turns to uncover the truth behind the mysterious tape.The film doesn't take its audience for suckers and feels genuinely scary.

Brad S (us) wrote: I hadn't seen this one in years and found it really held-up for me. It's quite funny and Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau are great together. Burgess Meredith is also really funny in it. Just a good enjoyable comedy.

Mikael K (mx) wrote: A pretty sympathetic film. Some of the fantasy elements work only partially, and the story has a very lightweight feel to it.

Frdric I (jp) wrote: Un trs beau rcit sur la cration artistique. Sur les 4h, il doit bien y avoir 1h de plan sur la main de l'artiste dessinant ou peignant. Emmanuelle Bart en modle du peintre y est magnifique dans le rle de sculpture vivante. Un grand film.

Idel J (jp) wrote: Down by Law (1986) is a different approach to the Genre of "escape-esque" films. The beautifully developed characters that are created by Jarmusch can be seen as the main pilars on which this story coherently stands. Of course some parts of the movie seem a hard to believe, but it seems like this film is not about that as much as it emphasizes on the life enjoying attitude of Roberto who guides the other inmates to their freedom, physically and mentally. At the end everyone seems back on the right track in contrast to where everyone was at the beginning. This picture is worth watching, just for the amazing performance by Roberto Benigni. Cinematography is partly very beautiful but gets quite tiring because it is so static throughout the scenes and rarely involves movement. All in all this film can be recommended due to its message and performance by the lead but other than that it might not be the friday night movie to watch if you seek excitement or a deep motivational boost like usually escape movies give.

Chad A (ag) wrote: An exception film from a critical standpoint, presenting a deep movie speaking on issues of the past while remaining relevant in the world today. It really grows with repeated viewings while you start seeing more of how the movies (being described by Hurt's character) really parallel the plot and characters as they progress. However, to more casual movie goers the film is undoubtedly a bore. The plot seems to progress (especially at the beginning) at a snail's pace and, with the majority of the movie taking place within the same locale, Kiss of the Spider Woman can be so tedious and un-engaging as to make the viewer feel trapped in their own prison watching the film. This really is a film that is a hit-or-miss depending on what you, as a movie goer, are looking for from a film.

Kas G (br) wrote: An earthbound Avatar. Haven't seen it for a while, but used to watch it over and over. Beautiful.

Roland M (nl) wrote: Good plot. Minor characters suck

Lucas M (br) wrote: Kristen Wiig once again shows off her ability to be a dynamic actress despite the film's seriously limiting premise and direction.

Jonathan W (br) wrote: A clever and funny take on one of fiction's most well-known icons that delivered throughout. Ben Kingsley and Michael Caine synch perfectly together, their characters lost without one another. I can only wonder why they never made a sequel.

bill b (nl) wrote: bored...bored..bored.not creepy at all...its not a horror film, its a wanna be horror film.expect an adventure movie with a lot of survivor elements.not enough...