Mehndi Wale Hath

Mehndi Wale Hath


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Gary S (it) wrote: Scotland's version of this is England

Jason T (ag) wrote: horrible. why did i watch it.

Graceann M (ca) wrote: I rented this because of Colin Firth, and he made watching it worthwhile, but barely. How interesting can a childhood memoir about moss farming (among other things) be terribly interesting? Oh well.

Alexander C (kr) wrote: Want to see it! Will have to take into account!

Denise A (au) wrote: Enjoyed this one! Love Saved By The Bell!

Jennifer K (nl) wrote: I saw this movie when I was like three years old. & I remember it being one of my favorite movies when I was a kiddo.

Aaron G (kr) wrote: Carpenter's nonsensical racist "action" movie is also his worst.

Richard J (us) wrote: Two fairly stupid scottish lads rob tourist buses dressed as a wolfman and a clown, and somehow become folk heroes. It's really funny in places but it gets a bonus star because I saw it as a kid and seeing it again made me all nostalgic for hanging out with my brothers. And I apologise in advance for the frequency with which I'll be saying "I hold up buses!" in a bad scottish accent for the next month.

JamesMasaki R (ca) wrote: It's impossible for the sequel to "400 Blows" to be anything close to that movie, but 9 years later, the little delinquent boy who was Antoine Doinel is a young man, still in a bit of trouble. The film follows Antoine getting kicked out of the military, having problems finding a steady job, and falling in love with Christine, possibly. Truffaut revolves around Antoine's world, a changing France, petty things, immorality, and serets unearthed. It's a touching film, without a real sense of closure like "400 Blows" had, but a continuation.

Stephanie I (it) wrote: Rossano Brazzi was dreamy!

Joel A (it) wrote: A sensational WWII film that was actually made right in the middle of it ...1941. It's the story of some stranded nazi's who land in Canada & amazingly get so far with getting caught.It's an amazingly directed film that continues to produce the tension the whole way just keep guessing.The people that the Nazi's come across are so fascinating & the film just keeps fresh &'s a terrific war film that is a must see.