Mel Karade Rabba

Mel Karade Rabba

Mel Karade Rabba is a 2010 Punjabi film directed by Navaniat Singh with story, screenplay and dialogue by Dheeraj Rattan; produced by Rajan Batra and Vivek Ohri; and starring Jimmy Shergill, Gippy Grewal, Neeru Bajwa, Amar Noorie, Sunita Dhir and Shavinder Mahal.[1] Mel Karade Rabba released on 16 July 2010 globally.

Rajveer ( Jimmy Shergill ) is a university boy in Punjab , a self-styled cool, macho dude who can't help acting rude around the college girls. But surprisingly, without him doing anything, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mel Karade Rabba torrent reviews

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Bruno K (nl) wrote: another piece of crap

Michael G (kr) wrote: I had not seen this movie when it first came out. I finally had the chance to watch it. This movie is based on real events and includes excellent performances from all involved. This movie shows how entertainment and advertising have deeply effected the people of our country. I highly recommend checking this movie out. It contains a lot of memorable quotes.

Dave R (es) wrote: was in the mood for some 80s cheese when i watched this - it didn't disappoint! everything about it screams cheesy 80s. good fun if that's what you're in the mood for.

Rahul B (au) wrote: Duvaar will still be my favorite Guney work... this one being slightly more melodramatic (not my cup) ...

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