In rural India a small village is ruled by a Panchayat, a group of Hindu men who run the lives of the villagers dictatorially. There are three men who challenge their authority.

In rural India a small village is ruled by a Panchayat, a group of right-wing Hindu men who run the lives of the villagers dictatorially. There are three men who challenge their authority, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tim C (ag) wrote: Titled simply "Billionaire" on Netflix.

Paul T (mx) wrote: Possibly the best bond movie yet, I liked how they tied back to the vintage bond movies. Must see.

Paul D (us) wrote: The second half feels a little sluggish, but this is still a decent police procedural with a relatively gritty, urban feel.

Movie B (ru) wrote: I do not even know where to start. Bad Acting, the lighting bad, the idea could have been developed into something more. but the screenplay falls short of delivering. the movie is so bad that i wish i could sue the producers and director for the 2 hours of my life that i lost. The two main hookers were just plain stupid. the person who wrote the screenplay also acts in this... camille just quit.

Fonie G (es) wrote: The only thing that saves this movie is that awesome airplane scene.Grade: D-

bill s (us) wrote: Spinal have company.

George D (mx) wrote: The original A.D.D. musical. Considerable energy and innovation to spare from former music video director Julien Temple. Too bad the great musicians involved (Bowie, Ray Davies) couldn't create better music or use standards/their best stuff. Baz Luhrmann's overrated Moulin Rouge owes a slight debt to this movie. Although Baz did it one better, since he was able to get some good music for his film. The final 3rd of this film really bogs down (except when Sade comes in and does the most acceptable song of the lot). I can't believe I had dodged viewing this film for as long as I did. I should have seen it long ago, none the less my delay resulted in my seeing it in HD with the proper sound.

830615521 (ca) wrote: Andi should of stayed with Ducky instead of chicken Blaine aka Blender.

Liam U (jp) wrote: Not bad, but I was hoping for a little more from it. Would have perhaps benefited from a little more ambiguity.

Bruce B (ru) wrote: Lots of fun. Spencer Tracy is exciting as the expert. He plays against Kathryn Hepburn as the mental expert. As usual they have wonderful chemistry. The movie is fun from beginning to end.

David S (nl) wrote: Visually sumptuous, and Dietrich has perhaps never been more ravishing. But the film doesn't engage on a fundamental level--2/3 of the movie are spent with Catherine being completely naive.

Hayden H (ca) wrote: The s****est movie I will ever see. And that is saying something considering I've seen human centipede

Ben B (au) wrote: Ugh. Nicolas Cage stars(?) in this forgettable adventure flick as some guy with a dumb historical name and a thirst for treasure. That should be enough to tell you what this movie is. Overly long, illogical, and a bit too boring, National Treasure is a harmless family film remembered simply because Nicolas Cage is Illuminati. Don't waste your time unless you and the family need something to do.

Sarah C (es) wrote: The river isn't the only thing you can't get a return on - you don't get back the 90 minutes of your life you waste watching this, either. Monroe is basically transposed from the 50s into the wild west of old, with no concessions made to costume or ... well, reality, really. One of those nonsensical films from the era which didn't really survive the test of time.

Pam K (br) wrote: Artfully filmed, with moving and three-dimensional performances by Berry and del Toro. A bit on the depressing side, but thought-provoking. A story that will take you in. Kudos to David Duchovny for accepting a relatively small (but important) role.