Two sisters find their already strained relationship challenged as a mysterious new planet threatens to collide with Earth.

As a planet hurtles toward a collision course with Earth, two sisters (Kirsten Dunst, Charlotte Gainsbourg) cope with the approaching doomsday in different ways, finding their already strained relationship challenged. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Benedikte T (au) wrote: This is just the worst film EVER.

Keith C (nl) wrote: This is among the worst movies I've ever seen, and exactly why found footage has such a horrendous reputation

Aaron C (us) wrote: Bleak Brutalist action film,Van Damme shows up and kind of just gives up,as though hes in some sort of art film

Justin H (es) wrote: I judge documentaries of this type based on four things: whether they're informative, entertaining, unexpected, and if they make me want to pursue the subject matter further. "Wordplay" is certainly informative (I at least have a basic idea of how the puzzles are put together now), and relatively entertaining, but it delivers essentially what you'd expect from a film about a crossword puzzle competition, without many twists. That said, it did make me want to pick up a newspaper, and try my hand at the crossword in the back, in the same way that "King of Kong" made me want to track down some of the games I used to love as a kid and try to break some high scores. "Wordplay" is nowhere near as engrossing as that film, but it is an interesting look at a segment of society that we might otherwise not pay much attention to. Worth a watch, but probably nothing you'll rave about later.

Vincent S (fr) wrote: This movie is amazing.

Royce K (nl) wrote: Perpetually funny and can be enjoyed regardless of the language you speak yourself.

Owen R (au) wrote: "Decent family movie with okay performances, but is still a fun movie"

Alexander G (us) wrote: Great effects+quirky dialoge+charisma= Awesome movie

Maverick G (kr) wrote: A funny action comedy that really works