Melancholian 3 huonetta

Melancholian 3 huonetta

A searing examination of the unrelenting Chechen conflict, observed through the prisms of a Russian military boys academy, a war-torn town and a children's refugee camp.

A searing examination of the unrelenting Chechen conflict, observed through the prisms of a Russian military boys academy, a war-torn town and a children's refugee camp. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Joshua L (jp) wrote: I liked this one much more than the first. The first one was stupid to me but this one doesn't preach the game plan that I hated about the first one. It's not as funny as it could've been but it is fun and the women are sexxed!

Cy K (gb) wrote: Very interesting story of not too distant VA history. The pace of the documentary lags at points, but it's very good overall with extensive footage that indicates that the filmographer knew he/she was recording history.

James M (gb) wrote: One of the funniest comedies of the early 90's. It loses it's way slightly in the second half, but the advert parodies are hilarious.

Jason R (ag) wrote: Really bad Star Wars made for TV movie. The sets are bad, the actings, bad, the effects are bad, the costumes are bad, and the plot is bad. Occassionally Burle Ives pops up almost like a Wild Kingdom narrator, but then disappears for long periods of time (it seems like they just would randomly throw him in if the movie was staring not to make sense). The only reason this is 1 1/2 stars and not 1 is that The Battle for Endor is possibly worse.

Pedro R (gb) wrote: i love this deranged piece of cinema! how the hell can this movie got only 40 %???? i know this is not a easy movie to watch, but for me is like Sal, or even better! this movie show us the cruelty of two of the greatest monsters of the 20th century, the USA and the USSR! this is a completly subversive movie that simply dont conform with anything! The Karl Marx boat scene is just awesome! splendid movie! a brilliant mixture of surrealism, politics and sexuality!

Jim S (kr) wrote: After watching this you have to ask the question "How did Sean William Scott become a star?".

Charlie G (jp) wrote: Opens with a few individuals wanting to fly a plain so they join the French.Standard war scenes and affairs. Trama from war.

Robert W (jp) wrote: Why do we keep letting tyler perry make movies? Absolute shit

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