A backwoods, illiterate young woman from Arkansas battles to regain custody of her son from her estranged husband who feels she is an unfit mother. In the process, she falls in love with a struggling musician who helps her cause.

A young woman battles to regain custody of her son. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Evan H (fr) wrote: This movie is interesting, even though it has no real big plotline. It has a good cast though!

James S (mx) wrote: Documentary on how the world is controlled by a scary elite..or something like that. More significant on a personal level than an actually good movie. 90% of the movie is false, but is impacting because of how well it's constructs an alternative reality.

Declan O (es) wrote: slow in place but a grate f.lim

Carlos M (kr) wrote: Just as fascinating as the first Saw movie, this sequel works as an ingenious labyrinth of horrors, full of more gruesome and densely macabre scenes - and once again we are given another highly unexpected, jaw-dropping ending.

Greg R (fr) wrote: one of the best movies I've seen this year....builds the suspence well...Rappaport is tremendous in the lead role...has the viewer on the edge of your seat throughout.....loved the ending

Carlos D (br) wrote: great film,very consistent plot,most importantly,showed all the highlights of Steve Prefontaine's life.great perfomance by Jared Leto.

Syl V (it) wrote: Several funny scenes but not the best.

Vincent H (ag) wrote: It was pretty good. Wish Reagan was a bigger part of it though. Overall the acting seemed to have taken second place to the action and story which is all right if that's what you want.

Rick Q (jp) wrote: for a long time now i've said that kids being hit on film can be hilarious. "angels with dirty faces" features a number of scenes where james cagney's character smacks some trouble making teens around, and every time he does it, it only gets funnier and funnier. aside from that, the film is very entertaining with great performances and a touching ending.

Shirley M (au) wrote: Saw it before and really love her movies

Stephanie S (br) wrote: Hillarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Keano A (au) wrote: One of the best Hanks movies. Looking at this movie after so many years, it still has the charm it had in 1988. It is full of funny moments and almost a perfect classic family film. Hehe.

Logan M (au) wrote: I have never met a single person who liked this watered down "Ben-Hur" rip-off.

Toni S (ru) wrote: I didn't hate it but I probably would have connected better with the characters if i saw it as a play on stage instead.