Melvin and Howard

Melvin and Howard

The story of hard-luck Melvin Dummar, who claimed to have received a will naming him an heir to the fortune of Howard Hughes.

The story of hard-luck Melvin Dummar, who claimed to have received a will naming him an heir to the fortune of Howard Hughes. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andrew M (kr) wrote: Funny as hell love this actor

Nick W (au) wrote: Although somewhat predictable, generic and unappealing as a movie, Soul Surfer elevates these issues with a great story.

Dianne B (ru) wrote: I saw this movie again tonight after first seeing it when it was released in 2008 . I absolutely loved it! The human tragedy and the hope that springs up in the darkest places is emulated in this sweet story . No complaints about the acting and I love the quirky oldtime actors they put to work in bit parts in this. A must see for those looking for movies that doesn't shy away from portraying raw emotions

Lilian L (de) wrote: I think Christopher just need some distance from his parents, just a little bit away from those things that made him feel bad and scared. I think Ron Franz was right about one thing that Christopher was running away from something. In the end, he realized happiness only real when shared. I think most people are like this. You learnt something until you go really far away to the end. A sad, sad story.

Tracey W (de) wrote: I would rate this movie as one of Zac Efron's best, hands down!

Caminator D (jp) wrote: Sad, but awesome. I saw this at a film festival in Denmark

Rhonda F (ca) wrote: Lord, Mr. King, whay would you let them do that to you!

Tamara F (au) wrote: Bleak docudrama - true story re-enacted by those originally involved - that should be compulsory viewing for people in the UK who gripe about immigration and I quote, 'too many foreigners being let in'.

Tasos L (it) wrote: Pretty romantic and well acted by the whole cast! That was Biloxi, Mississippi!

Kevin M W (it) wrote: Hal Ashby somehow manages to rein in the usual all-over-the-mapness of Peter Sellers to deliver this curious, restrained and delightful rumination on a modern day cypher, a blank who cheerfully accepts any definition ascribed to him. Jerry Kozinski's fable rocks as our Nowhere Man somehow stumbles into the very halls of power, into the White House, and all w/o a clue or a care. You decide what's really being said.

Roy R (kr) wrote: This movie is a gem! I wish more stuff like this would be made nowadays...

Anders A (br) wrote: Maybe it was Winding Refns breakthrough international, but to me its his most colorless film, nearly stripped from his personal touch. Yet its spiced to death with his favorite ingredience, namely vio-fucking-lence. Hardy is delivering a solid backbone performance, but in all in all, the story is cheaply weak and its overcooked by stupidity.

bill s (es) wrote: S--------l------o-------w B-------u------Zzzzzzzzz-ahhh just forget it.

F B (nl) wrote: A reasonably good film and enjoyable to watch with an interesting plot.

Robert H (fr) wrote: This. This is more like it. After the last few Hitchcock films left me wanting a little, FRENZY returns to the type of film that he did so well. The plot is one that he frequently used: an innocent man wrongly accused, but he didn't just rehash old material. He upped his game and brought his filmmaking style into a more modern sensibility, all while maintaining the suspense and black humor that had become his trademarks. While I've yet to see any of the films from his British period, I am aware that FRENZY hearkens back to his first real success, which was THE LODGER. And in terms of what I've actually seen, I noticed a lot of DNA from earlier efforts like SABOTEUR, REAR WINDOW, and PSYCHO. The film grabs you and sucks you in from the opening notes of its title sequence, a fanfare which triumphantly announces that he's back: back in his native England, and back in top form. And it wastes no time in thrusting you into this familiar, yet slightly changed world. One thing that benefits the film a lot is the screenplay by Anthony Shaffer, which is filled with great dialogue and biting wit. There was also a sinister, Victorian elegance to the score. And, as with all of his other films, there are a few sequences which stand out. The best of these is probably a long, continuous shot which pulls back from the scene of a crime as Hitchcock leaves it (and its aftermath) to the audience's imagination. Still, perhaps in concession to the changing times, this film does contain some nude scenes and somewhat more vicious-minded, if not particularly graphic, violence. It reminds us that the gory details are often best left to the imagination; they're the icing on the cake, and not the cake itself. Another audacious thing Hitchcock does is make the protagonist rather unlikeable and have us sympathize (at least in one protracted scene) with the villain. Overall, I thought that he was in top form here, adeptly mixing suspense and comedy, all while exploring his favorite themes of sex, death, and food. In regards to food, the Chief Inspector's wife has perhaps a couple of the funniest scenes in the whole film. For me, FRENZY was a welcome return to form after the last few misfires, and it's great that Hitch seems to be going out on top.

Ahmed A (br) wrote: One of the worst movies ever. It's an insult to the original franchise.