memento mori is a layered exploration of the total photographs captured over the course of a lifetime – over 100,000 in total. This personal archive, the dizzying documentation of a life, represents a plurality of subjects, objects, thoughts, dreams and experiences, forming an encyclopedic index of the possibilities of sight.

The recently independent Namibia now suffers a different war. The epidemic of AIDS affects everybody. But in a country where sexual matters are considered private, and women's survival ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rafael G (gb) wrote: talk about science fiction like it

Kevin V (de) wrote: Gives us a new Point of view of vampires

Jeff D (ag) wrote: Into the Storm is a by-the-books-tv-movie with a good performance by Gleeson as Britain's savior. The HBO film is marred by an incredibly bland score that dominates too much of the runtime and, as a result, turns the big moments into cheesy moments.

Akash (br) wrote: Nice movie, one of the few non-English movies I've enjoyed. Story was gud, although bit dramatic, its within limit. My first Spanish movie turned out to be a good one :)

Will E (nl) wrote: "Poetry should be written in a splash of blood." Anyone who enjoys a challenging, highly stylized movie about the intersection of art and life should see this. It's a superbly directed film from Paul Schrader about infamous Japanese writer Yukio Mishima, who committed seppuku in November 1970. Schrader entwines Mishima's fiction with his personal life, his need to express himself not only in prose but also through his body. Mishima tried to live the ancient way of the Japanese samurai in a culture he thought was becoming debased by Western modern values. MISHIMA has a stunning climax, a fantastic score by Philip Glass, terrific acting from Ken Ogata in the lead role, and a cool (uncredited) voiceover narration by Roy Scheider. It is truly one of a kind, and Schrader's personal favorite among his films.

bill s (ru) wrote: A fine story that is both uplifting and heartbreaking at the same time.

Max M (ru) wrote: Uneven but still mildly entertaining, this early John Woo picture is definitely not as assured as his later films but still contains hallmarks of his style such as the use of slow-motion and the examination of friendship between two selfless warriors.

John A (it) wrote: An Extremely Well Made For TV Movie Which Showcases Karen Black's Talents As She Plays Four Very Different Roles In 3 Short Stories Based On Author Richard Matheson's Works. A Nice Time-Filler But An Excellent Film Despite Its Short Run Time.

Jamie C (br) wrote: Good animated film something the kids will enjoy maybe not so much for most adults as most of its jokes are old but it's fun.