Suffering short-term memory loss after a head injury, Leonard Shelby embarks on a grim quest to find the lowlife who murdered his wife in this gritty, complex thriller that packs more knots than a hangman's noose. To carry out his plan, Shelby snaps Polaroids of people and places, jotting down contextual notes on the backs of photos to aid in his search and jog his memory. He even tattoos his own body in a desperate bid to remember.

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  • Length:113 minutes
  • Release:2000
  • Language:English
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Memento chronicles two separate stories of Leonard, an ex-insurance investigator who can no longer build new memories, as he attempts to find the murderer of his wife, which is the last thing he remembers. One story line moves forward in time while the other tells the story backwards revealing more each time. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Memento torrent reviews

Jon A (ag) wrote: Beautiful. Melancholy. Who knew retirees still had that much debauchery left in them!

David A (fr) wrote: Visually stunning but somewhat muddled. Didn't seem as though it reached any conclusions when it ended. I saw it as an admirer of Breughel's art, and because the trailer indicated that someone had finally found a use for digital effects other than blowing stuff up. If either of those factors appeal to you, you'll want to see it.

Scott H (fr) wrote: Can't believe I havn't seen this film before now, it stars all my favourite people that are comedians, and they're all very comedic. Good job it's a comedy and not some period drama.

Johnny C (kr) wrote: This film really did nothing for me and it was required viewing for 'world cinema' class. I thought it was dull, empty and I had no emotional connection to any of the characters.

Courtney S (ru) wrote: the dude that plays george in the first one is so much better!!!

Shirley C (it) wrote: This Is A Good Movie

Panayiota K (gb) wrote: Boring in the beginning but then it gets better

John B (ru) wrote: I recalled this film as good fun from my teenage youth, especially remembering John Murray's performance as pretty good. Upon further review as an adult didn't fare quite as well - the movie has some fresh moments, tries hard to be loose, and commits to some big scenes pretty well. John Murray seemed less fresh and more derivative of Bill Murray than I remembered, but he was likable as was the rest of the cast. Not a bad way to kill some time without investing much brain power.

Candice M (de) wrote: A must-see. A film lampooning Hitler to great comedic effect in 1942. Absolutely incredible.

Luke R (nl) wrote: Roger Moore action/adventure. Better than most of his Bond films.

John S (jp) wrote: Sanjuro has a rather interesting (yet also unnervingly confusing) structure to it in the way it sort of just plops you right into the story without any sort of exposition. It's intriguing storytelling but it's also very hard to follow. There are some superb fight scenes but don't expect the film to come off as an action film. There is some of the same sort of odd black humor seen in the film's prequel Yojimbo, and it's all executed interestingly. The film ties together brilliantly by its end and the absolutely magnificent finale is one for the books. The twenty second pause and the sudden consequent absurd explosion of blood is jaw-dropping. And of course, Mifune is a wonderful joy as always.

Erin T (au) wrote: fun movie to watch with a great story and very entertaining with all the stars

Elvira L (us) wrote: The idea of the movie is beautiful, but the result is quite dull. Moreover, it is the first movie where I see Ewan McGregor not believable in his character.