Mémoires affectives

Mémoires affectives

Disturbing and violent memories haunt a man after he emerges from a lengthy coma.

Disturbing and violent memories haunt a man after he emerges from a lengthy coma. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rafael M (nl) wrote: Interesante... si no tienes nada mas que hacer...

Salah A (jp) wrote: Far from bad, but often tries way too hard.

Joseph K (ag) wrote: This is just bottom-of-the-barrel, lowest common denominator made for television fare that isn't even worth existing.

Kevin C (ru) wrote: A bit too long but still a pretty interesting doc.

Yash B (au) wrote: This movie is pretty fun and creative. I think it has a good heart and good messages. Worth watching for sure.

Kristof B (jp) wrote: One of the better Belgian movies Anversa bella citta - beste locatie What a B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L. soundtrack !!

Brendan N (au) wrote: if you enjoy film then you'll love this film. mamet creates a funny take on the behind scenes of a film already running into trouble.

Jed D (ca) wrote: Blind Side, is one of those films that will surprise you and leave you awe struck. Excellent! Rutger Hauer, is awesome!

JohnnyLee T (au) wrote: Burton was never better. A largely peaceful war movie.In this age of drone warfare, Leith'd disdain for Brand's fear of close combat is especially relevant. (But Leith in shooting the German prisoner broke the rules, he admits.)Jurgens as ever gives a wonderful performance.

Brian K (mx) wrote: While not the scariest film by modern standard, Cabinet of Dr. Caligari is still a must-see film featuring some deft performances and eerily morose set design.

Spencer K (jp) wrote: a creepy, unusual, different creature/horror film that works on a lot of levels. perfect for a good Halloween watch.