Memoria de mis putas tristes

Memoria de mis putas tristes

Chronicles the romantic enchantment of a 90 year old reporter with a girl 70 years younger than himself.

Chronicles the romantic enchantment of a 90 year old reporter with a girl 70 years younger than himself. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sylvia C (ag) wrote: wanted to see this in theater but never got around to it. Tim, the Tool man Taylor!

Anastasia (ru) wrote: Could use less romance, hardly used his powers (2+ times, 14, June 2015) ABC Family

Brett C (mx) wrote: Penn disappears into his character along with Pfeiffer. The problem is the audience always sees Sam as a mentally unstable man with not much more to the character. When you see a film like Forrest Gump, the fact that Forrest is mentally unstable disappears after the first five minutes and you see all the other aspects to the character that make him seem unique and special. This wasn't something I saw in "I am Sam."

Scott S (jp) wrote: Blue Sunshine (1976) -- [3.5] -- People who once took a drug called Blue Sunshine start losing their hair and going crazy. The movie's better than it sounds, but it's still bad. Jeff Lieberman is actually a pretty good director. He's good with staging, casting, framing, and building suspense. But he writes the silliest scripts. "Squirm" and "Just Before Dawn" overcame their subject matter to varying degrees, but this one just didn't work for me.

David S (nl) wrote: A pre-Bond Connery plays a bit of a simpleton is this quirky British comedy. It's more a series of sketches rather than a complete film with Lynch (the main character) and Connery involved in a series of cons during WW2. They make a great double act and they're supported by some great British comedy talent. The film takes an uneasy turn to the dramatic towards the end but up till then it's an enjoyable (although slight) comedy.

The Movie G (fr) wrote: Avatar is a great phenomenal film with outstanding visual effects, a really good story, and fantastic acting

Logan M (kr) wrote: Touching and funny, as well as a charming animated take on the martial arts genre of film.