Memória para uso diário

Memória para uso diário


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Alexis S (it) wrote: like because it shows the dad that rap is not only for the devil

Marlon W (br) wrote: looks cheaply made. when it comes to animation, spend your money.

Ricardo A (mx) wrote: Great performances and a tight and exciting planting can't save All the Good things of a lazy and predictable third act.

Eric V (br) wrote: well since the first film sucked why make a sequel? and no surprise its not getting any good reviews since its a sequel to a horrible horror film and it aired on the sci-fi channel. I'm not gonna watch this crap

Alex H (jp) wrote: Super violent, gleefully acted, and incredibly quick-witted. a well oiled celebration of the tough guy.

Paco B (ag) wrote: Very nice and dynamic movieBest scene: Showtime

Jonasia B (kr) wrote: goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooookoooooood

Heidi B (fr) wrote: reminds me of being a kid every time I watch it

Karsh D (kr) wrote: Another classic from the Hitchcock library. Police are hunting the neck tie killer and think they have their man.......

Whitney B (fr) wrote: I loved this movie. Slow, careful, beautiful film about middle america.

bill s (ru) wrote: High minded,boring and confusing...and that's the good parts.

Nicki M (mx) wrote: For some reason I thought it would be funny. Well it kind of was, but quite serious too, dealing with terminal illness. Honestly I didn't know too much about it beforehand. Impulse free rental. Quite stereotypically Australian with the characters. I did like Polly. Initially I hated like the main character as I thought he was awful to her. It turns around, though. Not sure about the doctor character. She was a bit off, the actress playing her as well. Mostly liked, though once was enough. Quite sad, but still nice ending.