Memories of Me

Memories of Me

After a heart attack, Abbie Polin (Crystal), a New York doctor, goes to Los Angeles to see his father, Abe (King), who works in Hollywood as the "king of the extras." Their relationship has been strained for several years. This was the first movie directed by Henry Winkler, and much of it was filmed inside the MGM Studios in Culver City, California, only a few miles from Hollywood. Lisa, the romantic interest in Abbie's life, also comes for a visit and bonds with Abe, who gets along famously with everyone but his son. Abe begins having memory loss and eventually is diagnosed with a brain aneurysm. He and his son grow closer in time and, before it's too late, Abbie tries to get Abe a speaking role in a film.

On his girlfriend's insistence, a disgruntled man tries to make peace with his high-spirited, street-smart and often irritatingly careless father, a failed actor who never quit his dream to be a success. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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adam b (ag) wrote: About halfway through the film the main character is told by her doctor to not drink alcohol with her new pills that are supposed to cure her mental illness. She then spends the rest of the film either holding a glass of wine, pouring herself a glass of wine or dropping a glass of wine. That was probably the thing that annoyed me most, but the acting was horrible, the characters weren't in anyway likeable, there were 25 minute breaks between the rare 'scary' scenes so there was no atmosphere built and by the end it just completely fell on its face trying to tie everything together in 5 minutes because its spent too long beforehand with completely pointless scenes.

Nicols B (ag) wrote: Pelcula que gira ms entorno al ego de la banda Broken Social Scene que a la historia de amor del protagonista. La historia de los dos amantes, aparte de aparecer simplona, superficial e incluso incoherente, se usa como excusa de propaganda para la banda, con dilogos ridculos y fastidiosamente autocondescendientes, en escenas tan poco sutles con ello que se sienten ms como un intento de atropeyamiento a la capacidad del espectador de discernir sobre la calidad misma de la banda. Que fastidio y que pretensin tan ridcula de cine-arte "indie" que tiene ms en comn con un comercial de crema dental que con un film sobre el rock, la musica, la individualidad, el amor y dems temas que uno esperara ver, por lo menos decentemente tratados, en producciones como (C)stas que, si uno lo piensa bien, no tienen porqu (C) irse necesariamente hacia lugares absolutamente trillados y gastados. Es una pelcula de amor que gira entorno a una banda de msica ligera: cmo carajos se hace para hacerlo tan mal?...*suspiro.He ah mi opinin.

Joey R (ru) wrote: The music's stupendous, the cast is amazing (with a surprising performance by Vanessa Hudgens), and its filled with clever plotlines, likable characters and suprisingly emotional depth. This film may not be a classic, but it's a damn 2 hours well spent.

Per M (gb) wrote: Okej rulle sett bde smre och bttre

Jared C (gb) wrote: Not a good movie in any way

Freeman M (au) wrote: Original, drags toward the middle, but the ending makes up for it.

Zach T (ag) wrote: Wow... It's amazing how bad these films keep getting.

Jennifer P (ru) wrote: This movie was a succubus. An awful, terrible, life-sucker. NO STARS.

Nick O (mx) wrote: An awesome throwback to original midnight monster movies. The Roost is a fun, wholly satisfying bloodbath that leaves much to the imagination.I wasn't a fan of writer-director-editor Ti West's later flick The House of the Devil, unlike a lot of people. It was too slow and the ending came way too fast if you ask me. As it seems to be West's style, one need have a large amount of patience to handle one of his movies. But The Roost always has some type of trick up its sleeve, a surprising bit of fearless jolt constantly waiting around the corner.The Roost is about four kids on the way to a friend's wedding ceremony, when their truck gets stuck on a rock. In the middle of nowhere. With a load of dangerous bats. Duh-duh-DUH...The movie never establishes why I should care what happens to these teens, however I found myself to be so completely engrossed in the fashionable sophistication West films the movie in that the question became almost irrelevant. An obstacle The House of the Devil was never able to overcome.Even the dorky horror host subplot with Tom Noonan was irresistible entertainment. The Roost is a cheesy homage to '80s teen slasher flicks with a story so utterly senseless; though it's what West does with the camera and the refreshing vibe he leaves The Roost with that made me love it. Jeff Grace's heart-pounding score and Eric Robbin's cinematography find the terror in the ordinary. West's movies thrive on the worst-case-scenario of the most common fears embedded in our brains. Can't wait to see The Innkeepers, man.

Shawn S (it) wrote: Excessively cheesy and it doesn't fit with the rest of the franchise.

Alexandre H (de) wrote: Anti-cin (C)matographique comme concept. Un film audacieux qui d (C)molit du d (C)but la fin les m (C)dias, les journalistes et le star systme, pas le meilleur moyen d'avoir de bonnes critiques. Haha!! Mais il a la tte dure Arcand! Impossible de s'attacher au personnage principale qui n'est pas trs brillante et seulement trs jolie. J'ai vu ce film nouveau r (C)cemment et j'ai pens (C) aussitt Kim Kardashian, quel point des personnalit (C)s banales sont mis sur un pi (C)destal par les m (C)dias. Pour les vrais cin (C)philes, un excellent film. Mais ceux qui aiment le cin (C)ma plus traditionnel, commencez par Le D (C)clin de l'Empire Am (C)ricain pour vous initier au cin (C)ma de Arcand.

Paula Y (us) wrote: i like classic movies.. seen this when i was a kid, and now, i wanna see it again..i forgot how it ended

Ash M (it) wrote: One of the greatest movies ever!

Conrad S (gb) wrote: Catwoman is incredibly dated and possibly the worst edited film I've seen so far. The CGI is dated, the costumes are dated, the the score is dated, the action is dated, even the settings are dated. This pro-feminist film centres around an evil makeup co-operation, a standard rom-com plot and a woman who believes that cats are mystical creatures, with the ability to make Catwomen out of dead people. The story is nonsensical, filled with thousands of misguided choices and a conveniently idiotic cop, who can't deduce that two people who look, sound and write the same, are the same person. Despite all this, the biggest flaw present is its horrible editing. It wants to be artistic and dramatic, but instead when it has nothing to cut to, it will just cut to itself. An editors basic aim should be to make everything clear for the viewer. This consists of an incomprehensible mess of two seconds shots and low camera angles. This is not Catwoman, this is a fully grown woman going through her teenage rebelious phase, because she was brought back to life by a cat.