Men in Hope

Men in Hope

Charming bon vivant Rudolf is convinced that infidelity is the basis for a happy marriage, since, after all, a woman does not want to be bored with her partner.

Charming bon vivant Rudolf is convinced that infidelity is the basis for a happy marriage, since, after all, a woman does not want to be bored with her partner. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David L (ru) wrote: One of those films whereby you know from the title that it is going to be a pile of poo! I mean the film only has 4 ratings on this flixster app meaning that I am of a unique bunch that has actually bothered to watch this. It can't even find a title poster for its profile for gods sake! For those of you out there that wonder what happens to actors who appear in absolute classics and then disappear off the face of the earth - here's your answer! Take Linda Hamilton for example, star of Terminator 2: Judgement day. She takes one of the lead roles in this looking seriously hagged and old, proving that the budget for this film cannot even afford make up! In relation to the concept, it's of course a SyFy beauty. Combining the treacherous seas of the Bermuda Triangle with the devilishly electric tentacles of an underwater beast. Unfortunately it's not bad enough to make it good, but it's relatively all action and little dialogue meaning the poor acting doesn't steal the limelight. To think that pop star Mya is one of the better performers says it all. Not one of the best combo flicks I've seen, but there are plenty more I'll be eager to watch in order to try and redeem this genre!

Serge L (ca) wrote: The movie info say they unravel the secret. Right, but not much is revealed. The whole exercise is more about the intrigue. What is it? Maggie coming from the future is not futuristic. She comes out as the very plain Jane, maybe even confused future girl. The only evidence she might come from the future comes at the very end and other explanations are possible. The question is, what does it take to fall into the cult trap? What boundaries do people cross to please the cult? How far can the cult dynamic make you go? All very relevant questions that the film tease you with. The characters all come out real, realistic. I've seen a lot of westerns and world war movies that satisfy more these questions. It's a little tease of a film with charming women that are nice to listen to and look at. There are a few in town but are not in films.

Jeff J (br) wrote: It is very well made. The story is extremely well written and well acted out. But... these kind of movies just leaves you with a sick feeling in your stomach.

Carla W (nl) wrote: Funny movie! Loved it!

Stephen B (fr) wrote: En fait le roumain c'est pas super compliqu a comprendre.

Thomas S (de) wrote: Man the race were 5stars but the rest is crap

Jim S (mx) wrote: I can't believe I sat through this entire movie. I know what they're going for and it doesn't work. I'm all for tributes to Russ Meyer but they didn't capture any of the fun I have watching his films. Instead it was just boring and fairly unsexy, something which can never be said about Meyer's films.

Sam S (ru) wrote: Loooove it! so funny!

Magnus S (mx) wrote: Brilliant and intelligent plot.

Michael H (br) wrote: It's hard to tell what might have been without the reportedly significant studio editing and tampering with Peckinpah's movie. It would probably have been better. I doubt that it would have been great. There are some good scenes and good performances but overall teh movie just drags along and then peters out at the end. It may be a fine comentary on the futility of war but it makes for a less than satisfying entertainment.

JuanKa P (nl) wrote: Jim Grant ( Robert Redford) es en realidad Nick Sloan. Mientras Jim es un abogado y un padre soltero que vive en las afueras de Albany (Nueva York) con su hija. 'Nick Sloan' es la identidad que corresponde a su vida pasada, como miembro de un grupo revolucionario que se disolvi a raz de un crimen. La vida de Jim o Nick, cambiarcuando Ben Shepard (Shia Labeouf) descubre la complicada historia de todos los implicados, sus ubicaciones y ocupaciones actuales. Jim, quiere probar su inocencia a toda costa e intentar por todos los medios liberarse de la persecucin del FBI

Harrison W (ca) wrote: Meh. Kinda bored throughout. Didn't really feel like any of the characters had any specific arcs until the last 10 minutes of the movie. Took a lot to not be interested in Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader, but this film accomplished it. Some heartfelt moments and truth about depression, but man, this movie just feels like a bummer with nothing insightful to say other than "Hey depression is fucked up, huh?"

Joana J (es) wrote: Funny and sexy. Just disappointing that Zoey and Mike's connection wasn't elaborated.