Men in the City 2

Men in the City 2

The sequel of the "Men in the city" movie which reunites all the characters.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:112 minutes
  • Release:2011
  • Language:German
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:follow up,   ellipsis,  

The sequel of the "Men in the city" movie which reunites all the characters. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Men in the City 2 torrent reviews

Alessandra V (it) wrote: Awesome movie I love this movie so much.

Dean R (au) wrote: Very poorly done. Disappointing.

Ruben J (kr) wrote: Innovadora en cuanto a que el protagonista no es el heroe al uso americano, ademas de que tiene una atmosfera muy lograda, es como si el agua estuviera presente en toda la pelicula, da casi la sensacion de que estamos sumergidos. En cuanto al final, raro, no desvela nada, no muestra nada y no termina, final abierto, no esta mal que nos dejen pensar un poquito de vez en cuando, interesante.

Jeff C (kr) wrote: What's with the bad tomatometer score for this one? If you're a rock music fan- this movie is a must see!

Darrin C (gb) wrote: This one actually provided many laughs! It exploits the greedy criminals behind charities and film productions alike in an over-the-top, yet in a still realistic way. Norton is funny and Williams is his old crazy self with the best lines (pun intended)!

Steve P (ru) wrote: It's fine. The movie is certainly competent. There's just not much to recommend it.

Andy N (nl) wrote: I love b-movie schlock, but...not when its boring. One of the few films to ever make me turn it off because its just so damn boring. It makes an hour and eighteen minutes feel like an eternity. The one kill scene I saw was pretty awesome. I guy gets cut across the face and then ol' Drill Sargent dives balls deep, literally, and drills into the guys dick. Blood sprays just everywhere. That was it. One kill in god knows how long I watched that movie...its just so damn boring.

Greg S (ag) wrote: In a junkyard ruled by a sadistic gang of hobos, bums must also endure a plague of rotgut that makes them melt. The less sense this movie makes, the better it gets, but the jokes about castration, gang rape and necrophilia ensure this will never rise above the level of a guilty pleasure.

Steve K (ru) wrote: Unfortunately, Peck made a few clunkers, too.

Lauren B (de) wrote: WHY DOES THIS EXIST?!

Isaac T (kr) wrote: i have seen this movie countless times it is sort of interesting but the comedy is really dumb but however the characters are interesting

Elisa F (de) wrote: Niente di nuovo, ma c' cos tanto di "Strangers on a Train", "Nodo alla gola" e di Hitchcock in generale, che non ho potuto fare a meno di gustarmelo con un sorriso da ebete stampato in faccia.