Men's Group

Men's Group

What lies in the hearts of men.

Six strangers meet up every week to talk, finding they are not alone with their issues. Secrets are revealed as their friendships grow but when tragedy strikes, they realize that it is up to them to take responsibility for their own lives. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Daniel B (jp) wrote: If you loved "D'jango" you'll love Kundo. Loved it.

Ken D (kr) wrote: Impressive performance by Michelle Monaghan and Nathan Fillion is better than usual in this little drama. The story is simple, but very toching and the cinematography and soundtrack stand out aswell.

Jess L (de) wrote: There's no doubting director Nanette Burstein has taken some creative liberties along the way here; some scenes are just way too staged. That said I enjoyed the hour and a half spent with these cliched teens; I didn't learn anything and my image of the "youth of today" has been re cemented but by the end I found myself sympathising and even dare I say caring about some of these teens.

Robin H (au) wrote: Robert Carlyle is an odd choice for Hitler; seeing the Fuhrer's rise to power portrayed entirely with British accents for example is a bit jarring. Not that they're badly portrayed (acting-wise), but the whole thing just feels like a "look kids, this was the Bad Guy, you can always blame him" type of thing, when there's a lot more to it, to any dictatorship or war for that matter.

Mudoogul M (us) wrote: [left][b][font=Book Antiqua]xxxxx[/font][/b][/left]

Hayden G (br) wrote: A well-crafted, sleazy love letter to Hitchcock (most obviously Rear Window and Vertigo). Too bad it takes a page from the worst part of Psycho and buries its reveal in exposition. Harrowing sequences, enchanting virtuoso camerawork, and hypnotic score keep that from detracting too much.

Tyree G (mx) wrote: How has nobody seen this film!? Unbelievably underrated film with incredible performances from Hoffman, Busey, Stanton, and Walsh.

Rohan T (de) wrote: Hard to believe that Vincent Price could upstage both Robert Mitchum and Jane Russell, but he does in one of the most anachronistic film noir performances of 1951. Is it possible Vinne P thought he was making a comedy? Charles McGraw and Jim Backus also offer support in the Charlie McGraw and Jim Backus roles, respectively. This film also includes the premiere performance of "Five Little Miles From San Berdoo" by Sam Coslow of "Cocktails For Two" and "My Old Flame" fame.

Jose Luis M (jp) wrote: Excelente banda sonora.