Men with Brooms

Men with Brooms

A witty and clever comedy that follows four longtime curling friends reunited by the last wishes of their recently deceased coach and set out to win the Golden Broom. Realising that the out of shape crew will be hard-pressed to win without a coach, Cutter swallows his pride and calls upon a retired curling champion - his estranged father. Now, these men with brooms, along with their new eccentric coach and Cutter's new romantic interest Amy, set off on a comedic journey which takes them from frozen lakes to huge arenas, searching for perfect stones, lost loves and second chances.

Paul Gross stars as the leader of a recently reunited curling team from a small Canadian town. This offbeat comedy follows the team as they work through their respective life issues and ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Chris D (mx) wrote: Terrible dialogue, a ridiculous romance: it's the worst of the Nora Roberts' adaptations to date. Yet it was entertaining because it kept us laughing (I watched it with a couple of other people).

Alana D (mx) wrote: Weird film but alright

Thom D (fr) wrote: I think this is the best mocumentary since Best in Show.

Zdravko P (jp) wrote: If you ever wanted to know what it would be like to make a film watch this one. All the financing all the scheduling the dedication it takes really speaks very loudly in this picture about Mario Van Peebles fathers struggle to make his now famous Sweet Sweetbacks Badasssss Song. If you didn't understand me a second ago I'll try again. Mario Van Peebles plays his father and Zero from holes plays Mario Van Peebles son when he was a kid.

Siobhan G (us) wrote: Very different love story. Again it was a movie that I heard of because of Jeremy Renner being in it, but the premise of it had me curious. While, yes, Renner's Ned is a Neo Nazi at the start of this movie, it isn't about that. It has to do with Ned just trying to find his place in life because his upbringing was not exactly normal, and he'd find ways to fit in with whomever he could. After supposedly committing a murder, he's thrown into a mental institution and there he meets Gabrielle Union's Rachel, a troubled woman who claims she's possessed by the spirit of Adolf Hitler, but her problems run much deeper. Renner makes Ned so loveable that you can't help but like him, even when he's saying some rather nasty things. But you can tell that Ned isn't fully invested in what he is actually saying, the words come out as if by rote, if that makes any sense! And Gabrielle's Rachel comes across as strong but weak all at the same time, which makes for an interesting character to watch. By the end of the movie both characters find what they need and get something of a happy ending.

Jason S (ca) wrote: not as good as the salt n sea

Lenard K (nl) wrote: Boy born into a yakuza family plots a takeover. Over-the-top yakuza youth movie directed by Miike. While Miike movies are often some of the weirdest and most extreme that I've seen, this one just seemed dumb more than anything else. Even though I don't speak Japanese, at times the heavy yakuza accents (akin to Jersey wiseguy speak) began to grate against me.

Eric N (es) wrote: Post-college confusion meets romantic comedy. Endearing, but a little vacant. I guess that's what Gen X is all about, isn't it?Watched this in 2013 so it probably has lost a lot of its relevance if not all by now, but it is sort of original and puts a timestamp on the early 90s in a pleasurable way. Watch it if you want some 90s nostalgia in a grown-up sense.

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Russell H (ag) wrote: One of the lighter Mamet flicks... it doesn't always work, but there are several lovely moments, and is worth checking out.

Todd A (de) wrote: A grim cold war film. It features a unique live action-animation mix which works well. This tale of companionship following a nuclear blast is hard hitting and sticks.

Jeff B (fr) wrote: A somewhat entertaining and certainly very bizarre film. Younger Max von Sydow reminds me a lot of Anthony Hopkins.

Erin W (au) wrote: Great movie for a romantic comedy flick.. very fun, entertaining and good acting, excellent for movie buffs who are into classics/oldies. You can't really go wrong with David Niven starring in the film, this movie would be great for a sick day film or if you want to watch something light and mindless..