Mens far var på Grini

Mens far var på Grini


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Topsy I (ru) wrote: Surprisingly entertaining

Daniel A (gb) wrote: Ju Young-ju, an beautiful ex-con artist who has been recently released on parole, is planning to attend her sister's wedding. On her way she crosses path with Choi Hee-chul, a shy and unsure young man who is on his way to see his girl friend in Seoul. By a small series of unexpected events, the precious ring that Hee-chul planned to give to his girl friend end up in Young-ju possession, which at the same time, loose her bag. With only information she had chance to gather on Choi Hee-chul, she decides to find him, give him back the ring and take back her bag. However, at the moment of giving back the ring, her old lying habit kick back and obviously, hilarity and adventure ensues. This movie reminds me of sandra bullock's "while you were sleeping" because in "too beautiful to lie" the liar spends some time with main caracter family and falls for them, just like bullock's caracter. But unlike the american movie this one has much more comedy than romance, it's a really nice movie and till now I think it's the most enjoyable work of Kang Dong-won.

mirry w (mx) wrote: loved it jon was very good, and a big part.

Caleb G (jp) wrote: Influential teen film but it's thin plot leaves something to be desired.

Timothy J (de) wrote: A Classic Bogart movie with Lauren Bacall and Edward G. Robinson.