A German stage actor finds unexpected success and mixed blessings in the popularity of his performance in a Faustian play as the Nazis take power in pre-WWII Germany. As his associates and friends flee or are ground under by the Nazi terror, the popularity of his character supercedes his own existence until he finds that his best performance is keeping up appearances for his Nazi patrons.

A German stage actor finds unexpected success and mixed blessings in the popularity of his performance in a Faustian play as the Nazis take power in pre-WWII Germany. As his associates and ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Mephisto torrent reviews

Emma M (kr) wrote: kinda cheesy and you could tell it was scripted.bad actors...

Paul D (ru) wrote: Slightly better than the first. Still has the same problem of stupidity with the victims, but the already impressive gore makes some improvements on itself. The story is a bit better as well, but still far from classic territory. I do give this series credit for trying to create a new mainstream slasher icon in a mask.

Jed A (fr) wrote: good Mendoza film. it emphasizes what the hero feels thus giving the audience a thrilling emotion.

Timothy S (ru) wrote: Even though I'm not at all a sports fan, everyone finds incredible sports videos to be fascinating. I'm certainly no exception, and the new skiing documentary "Steep" is filled with breathtaking, unbelievable footage. You can't help but be in awe of the athletes and the filmmakers who possess the amazing skill of capturing it all on film. The problem that plagues this film, and all of the similar films of Warren Miller as well, is that a little of it goes a long way. The filmmakers do a nice job of introducing us to the skiers, and we get to know what makes them tick and take the extreme risks they take. There's a lot more insight here than in the Miller films, but everyone starts to sound like a broken record after a while. Most of the athletes featured here have similar backgrounds, and their stories start to sound familiar after a while. I didn't get tired of that amazing downhill footage, but it doesn't make for a very stimulating movie-going experience. I did get tired of hearing the participants jabber on and on but I appreciated the film's inclusion of the death of one of the group. It would be far too easy for the makers of this to completely glamorize the sport and gloss over that event, but it doesn't. I never really found myself getting that involved in the movie, but that is a fairly touching moment. You can't help but feel for the guy and his family. "Steep" isn't much of a movie but it is a collection of cool skiing footage. I admired it, but I was still pretty restless.

Nick O (de) wrote: "The Cleaner" is stupid and uninteresting. i barley know when there are jokes. the jokes are so bland that i didnt even notice them. overall "The Cleaner" is stupid, and not funny.

Kevin M W (ru) wrote: A surprise, as Pfeiffer warmly engages as the mob wife tired of the mob life. Caricatures, sure, but still vibrant, warm and fun. Coulda used more Ruehl and Cusack, but whatcha gonna do?

Michael W (it) wrote: Martial arts film has police officers battling ex-soldiers who maintain a vow to live and die together. Action scenes are well done overall, the dubbing not so much. Followed by several sequels.

Joshua W (ag) wrote: Kingdom of Spiders was a very corny movie. Throughout the whole movie I thought the acting was very poor, I thought the actors weren't very enthusiastic. On top of poor acting I thought the whole entire movie was very boring and very simplistic. As I watched the movie I found many scenes that were unrealistic. I feel like they could have made this movie a lot more interesting but all they did was kill little spiders. At the end of the movie, it just ended. I thought the ending was very short and left the viewer questioning. The only good thing I enjoyed about this movie is how the actually used real spiders.

Ranny L (ag) wrote: From the title, it's really hard to predict what the movie will be about. Based on the title, I had an open mind. I only have one thing to say, I was pleasantly surprised! "The Hunters" is a great and thrilling movie for everyone! I absolutely love how many things there is in this film! There is comedy, romance, action, adventure, thrilling scenes, a great and engaging story line and, of course, a puzzle to solve! The adventure begins when three people are looking for some artifacts to build together a legendary item. When one turns on the others, everything goes wrong. The two kids of the couple who are searching for this item and their friend, go on a epic adventure to save the world and their parents! If you want to find out if their parents are ok and if they were successful in this quest, you have to watch the film!This film brings so many perks! It has especially great actors and the directing is also very good. The camerawork will impress you for sure - there are so many actions - climbing and jumping and even some scary stuff. But, the picture if very clear and the storyline easy to follow! I have to say that my favorite scene is when the older brother discovers his little brother has skipped school and he is very mad at him. I can greatly appreciate this scene. It has brotherly "love" or as I call it "bromance." It's extremely funny and will hit home with many viewers.I recommend this movie to ages 8-18, because it is a very intense film. I also give it 5 out of 5 stars and wouldn't be surprised if they eventually turn this movie into series. I know I will be watching out for that.

Narayanan A (br) wrote: 20% - Roland Emmerich's 2012 has decent visual effects but absolutely nothing else.

MattChu P (nl) wrote: Top 5 best musicals ever!

EWC o (au) wrote: Slickly shot with a unique color palette but otherwise a case of style over substance