Mera Vachan Geeta Ki Kasam

Mera Vachan Geeta Ki Kasam

Film starring Ajit, Saira Banu and Sanjay Khan

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1977
  • Language:Hindi
  • Reference:Imdb
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Mera Vachan Geeta Ki Kasam torrent reviews

Wrik S (br) wrote: The beauty of this movie, is how perfect a balance has been struck between Bollywood commercial cinema, and storytelling with a sense of aesthetics about it.. The bottomline about being inspirational has truly been fulfilled, and done so with plenty of aplomb..

Greg W (es) wrote: a slow n gentle adult movie i enjoyed very much-nice 2c tom skerritt in a film too.

Kenny R (kr) wrote: Now this is how a gay movie is done. Simple love story and decent actors. :-)

James K (it) wrote: This is a smart film, it's balanced, poised, and doesn't bring too much attention to itself - just as the characters are wanting to live such (dampened) lives, so does the film bend and curve and allow for interest to be piqued without melodrama nor adrenergic suspense. The film's strength is in it's ability to keep the tension up, without you really thinking or feeling it or knowing it's there. It's an intelligent film based around a 20- something journalist (Beowulf) who doesn't abide by office rules, but shows up for himself and the people he interviews.What I would say is that maybe you need another three hours of film time - or six? - to really go into the story to make it an actual really good film (read: 5 stars) as there was at least one thing in there towards the end that was wasn't fully fleshed out (read: I wanted to know more about a character). But films are made in 120 minutes, and at the end of the day the weaving characters and moving plot are what makes this truthful and propulsive film. The cinematography is great (and subtle) too.

william s (gb) wrote: very hard to follow . story is weak

Lucas L (br) wrote: This movie. instantly funny; and a classic. shows a 15 year old boy named John Milton aka Spud (portrayed by Troye Sivan) embarking on his first year at boarding school in South Africa. Almost every aspect of the movie seemed perfect and it sent a mix emotions; happy and sad. This film in particular I was impressed with because it kept quite strongly to the novel, which some films find struggle in doing. What also made this movie strong was the acting from both Troye and John. Troye brought the type of inoccence to the roll, the description did in the book, and John gave a razor sharp performance. To sum up in four words; Spud, Troye, John, Bravo.

Steve W (us) wrote: Widely considered to be one of the better DTv Seagal films. It is able to capture some of the grittiness and action of his classics, but still slows down with a dodgy pace. Enjoyable but barely.

Geoffroy B (au) wrote: Une petite production qui ne se debrouille pas si mal mais qui ne fait pas fureur dans le genre face a un Braquage a l'Anglaise ou a un Inside Man.

Dyron W (mx) wrote: Kevin Smith was the only good part of this film.

Omar S (es) wrote: My name is Lakhan. My name is Lakhan! Great movie!

Daniel P (kr) wrote: Second time through, I think this movie's a classic--I mean, really, how many stories are told from the ghost's point of view? It's got its flaws--the sandworms don't make sense at all--but you'll find a lot of what's best about Burton's movies in this one: irreverence, bright colours, a fine balance of the fantastic and the realistic and Danny Elfman's music. Catherine O'Hara's performance is outstanding, too.

Stphanie C (nl) wrote: I only have one thing to say.... "Mon SeignOr, il est huit hOr!!!"

Ben T (ru) wrote: Cute Disney animated film

Lucas H (jp) wrote: The joker in this movie is amazing

Darren C (br) wrote: someone deserves a pat on the back for creating the dinosaurs as it looks like some effort had been put into bringing them alive, alas it seems that all the budget of the movie must of gone on that, as it's cast weren't the most convincing of actors often being very wooden and emotionless, also the Blair witch project video camera style ruined the viewing experience for me