A diplomatic official is captured and imprisoned while touring a war zone, so a team of elite female commandos is assembled to infiltrate a women's prison for a daring rescue.

During the tour at a war zone in Kazakhstan, the US President’s daughter is captured and imprisoned by a female warlord for ransom. CIA has to create a team named Kendall to rescue her from a former Soviet prison: “The Citadel”. With the help from a local girl, could the strategy be successful? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Mercenaries torrent reviews

Benedikt F (jp) wrote: Very enjoyable film about two very relaxed old guys. Hope I am that cool when I get that age.

Al M (ru) wrote: A film that makes Wrong Turn 4 look original, Madison County is just another tired backwoods slasher flick that never manages to be creepy, scary, or even gory--it could have at least had some decent death scenes. And a pig head? Please, I have seen that used way more effectively in multiple other films. Hell, the video game Manhunt does a better job with it!

Chris H (nl) wrote: This is definitely a guilty pleasure movie for me because of objectively its not particularly good. While the first act is pretty solid the next two get progressively worse. There are significant writing and tonal issues that drag the film down to an abysmal finale. That being said I love Will Patton as the main villain and greatly enjoyed the setting. For fans of post-apocalyptic films this is decent and one that you can watch with your whole family.

Caitlin L (ag) wrote: A cute Christmas movie. Not my favorite.

Kevin H (kr) wrote: Ok spy drama....pretty forgettable...

Emeka W (ca) wrote: So many great stars in this movie who sadly...this was their best film. I give the film 3 stars cause it has its moments. Richard Pryor is only in the movie for 10 lines and a couple of Amens. There really is no story, just a silly ass day at the car wash. I wish mine was like this, i would wash the car more often.

Tommy H (ru) wrote: The comedy in Little Big Man is very ahead of its time. It has that awkward Napoleon Dynamite humor, where it's about an absurd character in a world that's only a little less absurd. We start off with the grandfather from Texas Chainsaw Massacre showing a young whipper snapper that he knows a thing or two about the Old West. They did a brilliant job making it feel like a true story being recalled by an old man. When I was a child and my grandfather was alive I remember he'd slip in as many jokes as he could in his stories just to make me laugh.Everyone is great in this. Hoffman, Dunaway and Chief were my favorites. I like the way the old man introduces everyone by exaggerating their personalities to make them memorable. You really get the sense that you're a little kid listening to a grandfather trying to humor you.

Michael W (nl) wrote: Not one wasted shot, or line of dialogue. Brutal in it's criticism of religion and portrayal of humanity. Suppressed by fascist Spain and banned by the Vatican, you know it's good!

Bev L R (ca) wrote: A wonderful suprise slice of life movie!

Jason E (ca) wrote: This came in a 50 horror movie box set but it isn't a horror movie. It has an AMAZING title that it fails to live up to. Whenever I put the DOOMED to DIE DVD in I had great expectations for gore and sorcery that were greatly let down.

Melissa R (ca) wrote: I gave Chris Evans and Michelle Monaghan 2 stars. I skipped the script.