• Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:85 minutes
  • Release:2005
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Mercenarios 2005 full movies, Mercenarios torrents movie

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Mercenarios torrent reviews

Matt C (jp) wrote: Strange, wacky & fun. Well worth seeking out . 80's horror fans will be pleased to see Reggie Bannister of Phantasm fame. It also features Invasion of The Body Snatcher's Kevin McCarthy in his final role.

Anuj S (br) wrote: Classic movie with a lot of romance and wit and humour. Awesomely talented director woody Allen and supremely talented stars such as javier bardem ,Scarlett Johannson and Rebecca hall and Penelope cruz

Talal A (de) wrote: I'll see it tonight , I have High hope about it

Karsh D (kr) wrote: Hadn't seen a Lundgren film for a while so thought I would treat myself - shouldn't have bothered but it's better than Red Scorpion

Nikola S (br) wrote: An excellent, engaging thriller. Highly reccomended.

Stefani H (mx) wrote: great cast. strong story with ambiguous character.

Stephen C (fr) wrote: For a film with such good actors, the acting is pretty lame.

Steve D (es) wrote: A underrated and very interesting movie. al is at his best and the movie kept me guessing

Wahida K (mx) wrote: One of the weak and worst part of Sinbad.

Steve W (ca) wrote: A creepy sci fi with a nice tinge of horror. Cool special effects, and probably influenced John Carpenter and District 9.

maria j (it) wrote: je veux voir toute les films qui existe :)

Keith W (it) wrote: This is my favourite of the three. Despite the ambivalence of the "heroes" being bounty hunters there's a very strong sense of right and wrong, sacrifice and comradeship in this film. The plot is finely developed and the twist with one of the two lockets in the final gunfight really makes it. The interplay of orchestral and locket music in the final scene is masterful. Neither Mortimer of Manco say much but everything they do say is to the point. Action and music speak louder than words and never more so than in this film. The extra organ music is used sparingly and just at the right moments. I love the way Mortimer stands so erectly in the final shootout and Indio slouches - expressing in body language their morality or lack of it.