Merchant of Death

Merchant of Death

Jim Rendall (Michael Pare) is 6 when his family gets killed. 25 years later he finds out why.

Jim Rendall (Michael Pare) is 6 when his family gets killed. 25 years later he finds out why. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Vessela D (jp) wrote: One of the best movies I've ever seen - beautiful and touching! I highly recommend it to everyone! :)

Holly F (de) wrote: A thrilling low budget film. The plot is lost at times but the end result is pretty decent! I really enjoyed this film of cat and mouse! Dougray Scott plays psycopath well!! June 28, 2010

Eliabeth W (ru) wrote: I'm sorry I wasted 80 minutes on this piece of trash. The wanna be grudge movie had a horrible script, horrible acting, and the "gory" scenes might as well have been about puppies and kittens looking all cute and cuddly for as scary and "gruesome" as they were undoubtedly trying to portray. Ugh. If you are wondering whether to get a lobotomy, or watch this movie, I opt for the lobotomy. I gave it 1/2 a star for effort.

Sarah S (it) wrote: Inspiring, touching, brutal, and sad. Great film, amazing story.

Mark W (jp) wrote: Wow, how freaking sad! I've seen so many melodramas with the same premise, but they never get old. This one in particular shines brightly. Love it

TheRookieWriter M (ag) wrote: One of these movies that it's so bad, it's good. It's silly. It's dumb. You can't help but laugh at the stupidity.

Lady D (au) wrote: This film makes even better viewing second time around, an Erotic Thriller that pushes boundaries and risk taking with a woman who takes voyeuristic fantasies to a new and intense level, beyond her comfort zone, this sort of parodies Meg Ryan's acting career too, this being beyond her comfort zone in image and typecast roles.A serial killer film to keep the audience focused, almost sub-plotted to heighten the intensity heightens. Great performances all around particularly Mark Ruffalo, enjoyed Jennifer Jason Leigh's character too and Meg Ryan as you've never seen her.

Chad B (mx) wrote: Some passable effects work aside, it's an ineffectual and highly forgettable mess.

Hamud M (jp) wrote: I'm a sucker for 90's Ron Howard and this delivered!

Andrew G (au) wrote: A cross between Friday the 13th and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Leah G (jp) wrote: Ahh, Junie... I love this movie because of June Allyson. I haven't seen it recently, but it's worth getting if you like musicals.

Paul S (gb) wrote: horrible waste of time!i sit through, and can enjoy most any film, but this truly is one of the instances i think "i'm not going to get that 2.5 hrs back"!

Anna D (us) wrote: This sounds like a sex comedy

Katie M (au) wrote: "How Awful" is right.....Theelements are there - great cast, great concept - but it manages to be the dullest thing ever. "Olive. I can't see. I can't see. I'm blind."

Ken D (jp) wrote: A very confusing movie with a pretty bad ending. The movie should have been a lot better.

Miles H (jp) wrote: What makes us humans?It's not here.You're looking in the wrong place.

Ariel R (br) wrote: Just not a fan of Ashton. Sorry dude.

Marischa B (ca) wrote: Never thought I'd see the day where Jean Claude plays a bad guy....even if he's also playing a good guy in the same movie. This movie was better than I expected and Michael Rooker turned in a performance not seen since his role of Chick Ghandil in Eight Men Out.This movie combined sci-fi, with drama, action and lust. I found it hard to hate Van Damme's heel character "The Torch" for it did seem like he was tortured as a child. As for his good guy role, he did a nice job of playing the dumb replica and Rooker was hilarious as his owner/mentor.The ending was kind of dumb where he goes back to the prostitute because how was he going to live with no understanding of a job system, money or anything like that.This movie wasn't like anything Van Damme has done before and it was original to see him play the heel for once.