Mere Apne

Mere Apne

Anandi has been a widow for several years, living all herself in a small village. One day out of the blue comes Arun Gupta, claiming to her relative, and literally begs her to come to live ...

Anandi has been a widow for several years, living all herself in a small village. One day out of the blue comes Arun Gupta, claiming to her relative, and literally begs her to come to live ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kristina R (us) wrote: I love this animated movie!!!!

Kwok Y (br) wrote: simple real love story

Aia W (jp) wrote: Good to be conscious and cruelty-free.

Erin B (kr) wrote: I think the movie was well done, but overall didn't quite enjoy it.

Andy P (us) wrote: This homage to the exploitation genre is a redundant exercise in adolescent nastiness, a purile and charmless piece of designer trash. In that way, it's the perfect film for friends to watch, ironically of course.

Tobias H (ru) wrote: Average action film worth seeing only for Ken Kennedy and Keith David!

Emily C (br) wrote: Volver es una pelcula que tiene lugar en Madrid y el director, Pedro Almodvar, rod la pelcula en 2006. La tema de la pelcula es la fuerza emocional que tienen las mujeres y la fuerza de la relacin entre parientes. Volver se trata de dos hermanas muy diferentes: Sole y Raimunda. Sole es muy tmida y Raimunda es una extrovertida. En la pelcula, la madre de Sole y Raimunda reaparece a sus vidas y les ayuda a salir adelante con los eventos y la verdad del pasado ha sido aprendida por ellas. Por lo general, yo creo que la pelcula fue entretenida, pero no fue convincente. Despus de analizar los personajes y la trama, puede decirse que no son realistas. Por ejemplo, la hija de Raimunda, Paula, tuvo la habilidad para matar a Paco, un hombre grande y que despus no hay ningn personaje que sepa Paco se muri. Tambin, Raimunda estuvo muy calmada cuando ella se limpi el cuerpo y sangre de Paco, a pesar de los condiciones. Como resultado de estas escenas, la pelcula fue poco realista y por lo tanto, yo la di solamente tres estrellas. Yo recomendara esta pelcula porque-aparte de las exageraciones- estuvo una buena pelcula, en cuanto a la calidad, el director la hizo con cuidado. Recomiendo que las personas que disfrutan drama y vidas locas miren esta pelcula la prxima vez estn al cine.

JeanAntoine B (ag) wrote: A bit crazy but interesting movie. What makes it special is that all the characters have those weird personalities and haunting memories and they all get messed up when dealing with difficult situations.

Meredith W (de) wrote: I'm a bit of a fan of the whole high school move genre and especially like this one, given her obsession with English. This movie isn't too deep or that thought provoking, but it is a modern day 'fairy tale' with a happy ending that will leave you feeling good. Plus there is Molly Shannon and John C Reilly who are funny in their supporting roles. Nice 80s music too - the Smiths playing at the prom is such a "Pretty in Pink" flashback.

Emma F (es) wrote: This movie was 5 stars the whole way through up until the very abrupt ending.

Terri H (es) wrote: No thankyou - Not interested

Brian S (kr) wrote: Compaired to some of the other shitty movies out there, like Undead (2003), or The Reef (2010), this one is one of the better Australian flicks. The acters are all pretty good and the Razorback design is actually cool, but the bad execution and boring scenes is why this film is no big deal. Canada, the USA and Britain have released some cool horror movies, but this ain't definitly the case, yet, for Australia.

Richard C (au) wrote: enjoyable old skool horror tv movie.

Colin F (jp) wrote: The best of the series. A perfect blend of samurai action and blood + Honour.

Sarah H (fr) wrote: I didn't know I had already seen it. But only because I didn't know the title of this film. It was at least memorable. It had some funny parts in it too.

Ben D (es) wrote: In a way it's cold but strong,tone makes it in some way better than the the - maybe even overly romantic though beautiful and impressiove 1992 adaptation. And this version is visually beautiful as weel, plus sexy. But especially I liked the way the actor of Dracula portrayed him. The tense, arrogant, cunning and self-assurent being was really impressive. Especially when combined to the beautiful shaded eyes and that adorable wake of a smile we see in some scenes.

Eamonn D (gb) wrote: Gets better with every viewing

Drew H (gb) wrote: If this movie wasn't the Dolph Lundgren vehicle it turned into it might have been good. Technically proficient, but the story that actually was trying to say something was hijacked into a brainless actioner.