Mere Bhaiya

Mere Bhaiya

Laxmi lives with her widowed dad, Pandit Deodhar Sharma, who is a much respected Advocate, and a brother, Subhash. Deodhar is very disappointed with Subhash as he not only neglects to ...

Laxmi lives with her widowed dad, Pandit Deodhar Sharma, who is a much respected Advocate, and a brother, Subhash. Deodhar is very disappointed with Subhash as he not only neglects to ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Albert L (kr) wrote: Not as intense as the first one, but still very enjoyable. Plot unfortunately gets predictive after a while into the movie.

Marta R (gb) wrote: Such an interesting culture... difficult dilemma; I guess for whoever you are...

Micah K (es) wrote: Any movie with this much gratuitous nudity automatically gets five stars.

Lee M (es) wrote: A raw, experiemental, sylistic film with much potential that failed to be actualized.

Rory R (au) wrote: When we see a movie associated with Disney we already know a few things about the film, it's going to be inspiring, emotional and cute. Those assumptions were true for this film. It wasn't cute in a sickly way; I mean would you look at those dogs. Paul Walker is a guide for a base located in Antarctica which involves taking care of eight sled dogs who ultimately become stars of the film as well. What I like about this film is that it's as much of a survival story of eight dogs as it is a sad story of loss and loyalty for Jerry Shepard (Paul Walker). This film proves that dogs surprisingly can act, they may not be aware of it but as a group they illustrated many human emotions. Their survival story is just as good as any as they show loyalty to each other and grief when tragedy hits. At the end of the day there wasn't much to the rescue not like the first third of the film where we're exposed to the extreme conditions of Antarctica and just how unforgiving the barren land is. It's the fact that Shepard is determined to attempt a rescue because he feels he owes that to the dogs. Even animals can create that bond with humans. It's quite a heartwarming story of friendship, loyalty and persistence for both man and his best friend.

Ed Fucking H (it) wrote: Well I was trying to watch The Last Horror FILM but got the Last Horror MOVIE instead, so those interested in the Joe Spinell, 1982 movie should avoid this one. What this is another one of them serial killer mockumentarys ala Man Bites Dog, but this movie isn't nearly as good. Basically everything that could be said or done with that dynamic already has. Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon was similar as well, but more self conciously humourous, and thats what made that one work. This one's characters are as believable as those in MBD, nor as interesting or likeable. Still though, in the end this movie did do some interesting things that MBD didn't, but at the same time I prefered MBD's approach, more than the one here. I don't like being told flat out what the point of the movie is supposed to be. Give your audience a bit of credit, we're not that thick. Either way worth a watch for those into these types of movies.

Allan C (kr) wrote: Skip this presidential murder mystery and watch Clint Eastwood's superior presidential murder mystery "Absolute Power," which came out the same year as this film. A capable cast (Wesley Snipes, Diane Lane, Dennis Miller, Alan Alda, Ronny Cox, Diane Baker, TateDonovan, Charles Rocket) are wasted on a bland script and by the numbers direction by usually reliable action director Dwight H. Little, who did what I used to call the best American approximation of a Hong Kong martial arts film with Brandon Lee's "Rapid Fire". I'll stand by that statement, though it was no longer true once one HK directors, stars and fight choreographers started coming to Hollywood, but I digress. One interesting bit trivia, this film features an assassin names John Kerry.

Dean M (de) wrote: Clever and excellent characterisations elevate the familiar story of how Julia Roberts's life is thrown into turmoil when she discovers that husband Dennis Quaid has been cheating on her. Director Lasse Hallstrom did a good job with this drama movie. He certainly seemed fascinated in making a movie which shows how dysfunctional a family really can be, and on more than one level in this film.Roberts and Kyra Sedgwick are perfect choices of casting as sisters because they look like they could actually be related - imagine they are separated at birth.

Ashley H (us) wrote: Like Water for Chocolate is an amazing film. It is about a young woman who discovers that her cooking has magical effects. Marco Leornardi and Lumi Cavazos give amazing performances. The screenplay is well written. Alfonso Arau did a great job directing this movie. I enjoyed watching this motion picture because of the drama and romance. Like Water for Chocolate is a must see.

Petros T (ag) wrote: The last Sellers-starring Pink Panther is better than the third and equally astonishing to the first two. If you've read my reviews of the first two you'll find I'm repeating myself but this is how it goes: "ROTPP" is another hilarious film, starring the greatest comedian ever, the brilliant Peter Sellers. A must-see, laugh out loud comedy.

Noreen R (de) wrote: This Saskatchewan girl liked it...almost made me homesick

Gevin H (nl) wrote: Amazing documentary on a comic artist with a troubled origin & unique perspective.

Lynne M (kr) wrote: More people need to see this movie it is increadible.It make's 'funny games' look tame.David Keith is amazing, his performance is chilling. The whole movie has such an intense frazzeled, 'it's all about to blow up' feel that you are on the edge of your seat the whole time.