Mere Dost Picture Abhi Baaki Hai

Mere Dost Picture Abhi Baaki Hai

Amar Joshi (Sunil Shetty) sells his business in hope to become a film director. After meeting immoral producers and financers, he finds out that his journey won't be so easy.

Picture Abhi Baki Hai is the journey of Amar Joshi (Sunil Shetty) who runs a video library in banaras and aspires to be a film maker. Despite facing objection from his father Amar Joshi decides to sell his video library and joins a film Institute in London. After completing his course he lands in the city of dreams "Mumbai" to make his film. Suraj (Rajpal Yadav) is a struggling actor doing bit roles in T.V. serials, who Is Amar's only connection in Bollywood. Amar Joshi starts his struggle to make his film by meeting different type of producers who have their own take on Amar's story. After many failed attempts He finally bumps into Monty Chadda (Rakesh Bedi) a P.R. Publicity man who sees good potential in Amar and decides to produce his film. Amar & Monty take help of star secretary Guptaji (Akhil Mishra) to convince Mohini (Udita Goswami) & her starry mother Mummyji (Neena Gupta) who agrees to do the film. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Erin C (mx) wrote: Disappointing. Good actors, but it fell short.

Gary M (es) wrote: funny enough. a rom/com kind of movie.

Sonja A (ru) wrote: This movie is HORRIBLE. Horrible acting, horrible storyline, horrible effects. Just HORRIBLE. Did I say this movie was Horrible? I mean it.

Geoff J (mx) wrote: Pretensions are fine, but you do have to make an engaging movie at the same time.

Spa S (ru) wrote: With out a doubt my all time favorite movie

Kimberly M (fr) wrote: they just get more dumb after the creepy 1st one.

Patrick M (mx) wrote: wow, was this movie amazing. It vividly shows how wrong drug addiction is and how far people are willing to go just to support their habit- even if it means petty theft. Watch and enjoy, but it does get pretty intense.

Keith L (kr) wrote: brilliant little movie - and Colin Firth..delicious

Joseph M (nl) wrote: not terrible. Sort of a cultural nightmare in redneckville. Sam Rockwell does an amazing job and comes across as very believable. The cinematography and soundtrack is great. The plot is just bizarre. But it is not a terrible movie. Just a bit upsetting on the Stephen King tip.

Carol G (de) wrote: Awesome, original movie, and a great story and cast.

The Critic (ru) wrote: A bright, cartoonish adaptation of the popular Sega game that came and went relatively unnoticed by cinemagoers who chose to hold out for 'Street Fighter', released seven weeks later, instead. Robert Patrick hams it up nicely, clearly enjoying the material that sees him wanting to take over a metropolis (perhaps his first step to world domination?). Mark Dacascos and Scott Wolf share a strong chemistry as our likeable heroes and Alyssa Milano is also in fine form as the leader of the underground rebellion. There's nothing thought-provoking about 'Double Dragon' but it is, at least, harmless fun.

Ahmed M (mx) wrote: Jon Heder kills it as Napoleon Dynamite. On the other hand, the story isn't that great, and only a few jokes are good.

Andrew M (es) wrote: Noah Baumbach's knack for crafting imperfect characters makes for a delightfully punchy screwball comedy in Mistress America. At just 84 minutes long, the film is a breeze, and that's only amplified by Baumbach and Greta Gerwig's (who also stars in the film) fast-paced screenplay. Characters fire off lines and lines of dialogue with little to no rest, all of which is quirky and darkly comedic in typical Baumbach form, and the scenes are edited with the kinds of hypercuts more suited for a setpiece in a high octane action movie. The story, of two soon-to-be step-sisters (Lola Kirke and Gerwig, who share electric chemistry) and how their individual personalities affect one another's life goals, never quite reaches the same emotional heights as, say, The Squid and the Whale, but as much more of a comedy than that film, perhaps it doesn't truly need to. There's just enough seriousness to balance out the predominantly lighter material and put the Baumbach/Gerwig streak up at two-for-two.