Mere Mehboob

Mere Mehboob

Set in Lucknow

The impoverished brother of a lowly courtesan falls in love with the sister of a wealthy nobleman. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Justin B (ag) wrote: Seagal is still too chunky and completely bereft of any emotion but this straight-to-DVD entry is easily his closest to his golden age of theatrical mediocrity. It's a bad movie but it's a competent bad movie.

IsaBella H (gb) wrote: erotic. two young adults have a desperation need for someone to be there for them constantly so that loneliness doesn't creep in immediately. comfortability soon sets in. obsession and possession appears next. love develops. a good watch.

Thomas K (ru) wrote: Another forgotten gay film, taken from yet another award winning play, and dumped as unceremoniously as it's predecessors. It's not perfect but it does deserve to be seen.

Taryn J (ca) wrote: It's funny and goofy! Andy Griffith is straight off the farm.

Rob M (br) wrote: 10 years has made world of difference for this movie for me. One can actually see our world in another 10 years in this film. Fantastic long shots put you on the edge of your seats. I found my self holding my breath. There us a scene that will completely move you to tears and awe towards the end of this excellent film.

Austin G (de) wrote: If it wasn't for Jim Carrey's comedic charm, this movie would have been awful.

Jerry F (es) wrote: I didn't like this film at all. Watched about one hour, then put it off. I bought the DVD too cheap in the discount shop, so I was thinking it could be bad. And it was !