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Mero Love Story


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Ilsa L (au) wrote: Fascinating look at the political impact of the turbulent weeks following the death of Princess Diana on both the newly elected Labor Prime Minister. Mr.Tony Blair and on the British Royal Family. Helen Mirren and Michael Sheen are extraordinarily good in their roles as the Queen and the Prime Minister respectively,

Westleigh Q (ag) wrote: Disappointing Superman cartoon. They tried to be cool, edgy and modern, but still cater to a very young audience. The result is just an odd movie that trys to get a message across but ends up saying nothing.

Andy D (gb) wrote: This is not going to be everyone's cup of tea. Its essentially part documentary (mockumentary?), part sci-fi film, about a team of astronauts sent to Europa, one of the moons of Jupiter, to investigate the possibility of there being microscopic life in the oceans underneath Europa's vast ice-caps.You need to like outer-space type-stuff (which I do) and some of the films set-pieces are very much like sequences from Gravity, but as the film trundles along, the interest levels start to rise, as does the tension, and overall quality of the film.In the end, I have to say I was very pleasantly surprised, as I really enjoyed this, but as I say, this sort of thing is right up my street. Other reviews I had read of it weren't particularly great, but I enjoyed it, and I think other Sci-Fi'ers will too.

SV G (br) wrote: More about the wear and tear of a candidate running for President and their family, than politics itself. This did a fair job of doing that and shined a fairly honest was a balanced view of both Mitt the man as well as candidate. It neither endorses any qualities he may have had for Presidency, nor does it villainize him in any way.

Peter D (us) wrote: Simply the best film about Hong Kong life I have ever seen. Amazing...

Sky L (nl) wrote: cheesy. lame acting. bad casting. weak script. the buildup was good. anticlimactic. didn't go anywhere. the ending is a fail. abrupt ending. Incomplete.

Rodney E (kr) wrote: I reluctantly watched this Patsy Cline biopic years ago as a girlfriend wanted to watch it. It is decent enough.

Shawn W (ca) wrote: High school football player in steel mill city loses scholarship opportunities when he is kicked off team for defending a teammate to his coach after a brutal loss. Ending is fluffy and film may have been better if it wasn't. Still, like this one. Jennifer Warnes title track scores points with its very 1980's sound.

Senor C (nl) wrote: Fair WIP flix that keeps things moving along & peaks interest w/ loads of nudity (there's hardly a scene where someone's breast aren't popping out). The first half (while the girls are still captive) is better then when they escape; their captures are nice & sleazy & have dialogue that will leaving you scratching your head.. not a classic in the genre but not bad

Jamie C (es) wrote: A different but enjoyable movie fast paced and non stop edge of your seat action, If you can get past a few plot holes you will enjoy this Assassins Creed/Twelve Monkeys mash up.

Nicole T (es) wrote: It had its funny moments and was cheesy just like any other romantic comedy. I've seen better but overall pretty good.