Merrily We Go to Hell

Merrily We Go to Hell

A drunken newspaperman is rescued from his alcoholic haze by an heiress whose love sobers him up and encourages him to write a play, but he lapses back into dipsomania. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Merrily We Go to Hell torrent reviews

Otis O (br) wrote: not what i expected at first but i do say i like it. Demons, humor and love in one movie. perfect combo for me :)

Lucie P (br) wrote: Not one for the ages, but still worth watching for the Romance.

Jordan R (ru) wrote: This is one of my favourite films. It has plenty of dark humor, quirky characters, gory action, and a bizarre score. The film also has a strong cast and the setting of the film is used effectively to create a mounting sense of dread.

Alexia F (br) wrote: I can see this being a television special rather than a movie. It is a bit short compared to the TV episodes, but it's still funny as hell. This is what introduced me to the MST3K franchise.

Ice R (au) wrote: Just okay, not great.

Jimmy F (es) wrote: One of Al Pacino's finest movies. Pacino stars as an aging rockstar who tries to get back in touch with his son. He succeeds to get back into his sons life, a great transission from his old life as a rockstar. Al Pacino is great and also Christopher Plummer is awesome. Good movie.

Oscar T (jp) wrote: Una mirada intima al infravalorado deporte del fisicoculturimo, sobre disciplina, empeo, amor y decepcin. El Pumping Iron de esta generacin.

Hillary D (ag) wrote: This adventure across the deadly Sahara is rather captivating. Despite encountering several derailments & obstacles along the journey, the cowboy & his magnificent mustang triumph the adversity. The will to win is strong with these two.

Daniel C (de) wrote: The movie turned out to be much richer than I expected it to be.

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