Mes héros

Mes héros

A son finds an escape from his turbulent marriage with his slightly dysfunctional and quirky parents who are hiding a young boy from the authorities.

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D O (de) wrote: A warm portrait of a teenager (now a grandmother) who was standing in the right place at the right time. She retained her values and honesty in a situation that would have overwhelmed many people. The viewer likes her and enjoys visiting the birth of the Beatles.

James N (br) wrote: Does Science catch up with Creation? Veteran actors(Ernest Borgnine's last screen appearance), a smooth script(by late M. W. Leighton), sports, characters to make you chuckle, and evil lurking in the higher educational system keeps the film moving. Be aware. You will observe the world of physics as never before. Fans of "Big Bang" and "Numbers" of TV fame will be entertained. Will the age old question, "Can Science and the 1st chapter of Genesis agree to 6 days of Creation?" be FINALLY answered?! Even the Oscars might be relieved.

Ryan S (au) wrote: 2.5/5 While Vin Diesel is good, the rest of the movie is filled with a few decent moments, but some very low lows. Way better than Chronicles, but not nearly as good as Pitch Black.

Jonathon P (jp) wrote: For some reason whenever this movies on I just want to finish watching it.

Adam R (de) wrote: (First and only full viewing - In my early twenties)

John M (gb) wrote: I admire the realism in this film. It's not a blood-thirsty monster movie, it's just a straightforward true story portrayal and what would actually happen in this situation. That said, the characters aren't very interesting to watch and their acting doesn't really sell the realism for me, but there are some nice fearful moments.

Dana O (br) wrote: damn brooks brothers...and hanes! michael jordan should be ashamed

Urban H (mx) wrote: Wenn man die Dialoge ignoriert, ist der Film hervorragend.

Edward O (nl) wrote: That was life at UCSC back then but better...

Arash X (kr) wrote: Well directed & acted & fun to watch but nothing more, The twist doesn't work well & it spoils the film's intensity & seriousness & makes the whole thing a bit ridiculous

John R (ag) wrote: 160113: Slower start but a much longer final battle. A few new faces appearing as magnificent characters. Would've been great if they could've re-signed McQueen on this one. Yul Brynner has never really convinced me as a gunfighter, except when he was a robotic juggernaught in Westworld (1973). Even in the original Seven, his bald look was a detriment. I have never favoured the all black wardrobe he sports though it's better than the first film; and I really liked the rain soaked slicker. With all that, it's hard to follow up on such a classic bunch of characters and actors as in the original seven. A couple winners here in Oates & Akins but the chemistry is just not as strong. Emilio Fernndez is good as the bandit leader but he isn't Eli Wallach. His character Lorca may be more determined and crazy than Calvera though. Liked Fernando Rey as the priest and some of the horses were pretty damn skilled. Overall, Return is a strong film but it stands, unfortunately, in a big shadow.

Chrisanne S (de) wrote: The best part about this is Temple's feud with the spoiled rich kid. Other than that it's really one of her worst.

Kaila B (jp) wrote: Extremely weird movie