Mesa of Lost Women

Mesa of Lost Women

A mad scientist, Dr. Aranya (Jackie Coogan), has created giant spiders in his Mexican lab in Zarpa Mesa to create a race of superwomen by injecting spiders with human pituitary growth hormones. Women develop miraculous regenerative powers, but men mutate into disfigured dwarves. Spiders grow to human size and intelligence.

A mad scientist named Arana is creating giant spiders and dwarfs in his lab on Zarpa Mesa in Mexico. He wants to create a master race of superwomen by injecting his female subjects with spider venom. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Avinash V (nl) wrote: Save yourself from the wrath of horrendous movie making...

Anna C (it) wrote: The first half is a little slow and boring, but in the second one it becomes really great.... and the main actor, Kun Chen, resembles so much Keanu Reeves in Little Buddha that it was a real pleasure to watch at him!!!

Abdoelrhman M (gb) wrote: Every time I see a good movie I wonder how much I'm missing, this one indeed is one I'd hate to miss.

Brian S (it) wrote: A Finnish horror film! Well, a glacially slow, mildly disturbing Finnish horror film that spends so much effort on character development and technically flawless cinematography that it doesn't have time for little details like being scary. In fact, it seems to barely have time for an ending despite a relatively short run time and a WHOLE lot of building up. There should have been something after all that rather than a rushed quickie that lacked the kind of style and attention to detail that drags the rest of the movie down into a murky (but pretty!) impenetrability worse than the swamp in which most of it is set. The climax is not at all "stunning" and it's only startling because, after all that plodding along and meticulous attention to detail, we get a BOO! ending. Gimme a break.In all fairness, Sauna does a brilliant job of storytelling. At times, viewers will certainly be drawn into the drama unfolding between old warrior Erik and his scientist brother Knut. The acting here is top-notch with the exception of a bit of scenery chewing engaged in by a few of the actors with small roles as townspeople. The director, costumer and writers have clearly gone to tremendous pains to recreate for us the look, feel and attitudes of late 16th century Karelia. So much so, in fact, that they often seem to forget entirely that they're making a horror film. They largely drop subtle hints throughout the historical drama about what's going on, but they miss the mark with their reveal... which is spoken about in scenes split between three of the main characters instead of being SHOWN to us. All of this visual obsessiveness, and then the characters talk us through the climax. The final horror scene is anticlimactic after we've been TOLD the truth.Too much spookiness to pass as a historical drama, too little to make it as a horror film, Sauna is likely doomed to inhabit forever that limbo (hint hint hint) of forgotten films that nobody ever really loved. That and the fact that it's essentially the movie Event Horizon sans action sequences, set on the border of 16th century Russia and Finland. Was anybody really waiting for this?

Winnie C (mx) wrote: That was a story about a mental condition called Erotomania (wiki it). It is very interesting.

Enrique G (jp) wrote: La version buena de la pelicula de Catherine Z Jones

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Eric H (nl) wrote: Just a Bad movie for kids. It would be great if they remake it the right way.

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Robert R (kr) wrote: Definitely not "Gone With The Wind" or "Random Harvest"

Brett W (mx) wrote: A worthy sequel to a not-so-worthy franchise (also I count 12 of these; why is this just now 10?) Full Moon Entertainment --love'em or hate'em, they are what they are and they just keep on ticking. Evil Bong 3D, anyone?

Eric V (ag) wrote: Dark Was the Night...slow was the movie. The Strain's Kevin Durand stars as a sheriff whose small town is plagued with creatures that escaped from the forest that man is destroying. Think 30 days of Night with The Bay creatures. Or just watch those films instead

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