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Mesecina torrent reviews

Johan V (us) wrote: Semi-grappige film, zat meer in, ideaal voor een luie zondagavond ;-)

JT R (us) wrote: This is honestly one of the worst movies I've ever seen. The acting is atrocious -- the entire film seems like a parody. And Tyler Perry as Madea is grating, ridiculous and all-around awful.

Charles P (kr) wrote: It's beautiful. It's bloated. And it's so very clichd.

Terri H (au) wrote: No thankyou - Not interested

Pasha A (gb) wrote: Steady and nicely made...I like this lines:Paul: If anybody smiles at me ever again, I'm going to freak out. --------Paul: I'm looking at you right now and I hear you talking and all the words that are coming out of your mouth are like they're coming out of a stranger. Why don't you put your fucking hair back on and come back, just come on back. -------Paul: [drunkenly] Listen, I want to talk... about when we were dating, I wanted to say to you that if I hurt your feelings... if I hurt your feelings, that I'm sorry...Mary-Margaret: [interrupting] Shut up.Paul: I'm sorry I hurt your feelings!Mary-Margaret: Shut up!Paul: I'm REALLY sorry and I'm trying to apologize to you in a real way.Mary-Margaret: [seething with anger and pain] You're not sorry. You know how I know that? Because you're not smart enough to be sorry. Guys like you... you never quit, and you never leave - you're gonna be here forever. How does it make you feel knowing that?--------

leckimyah w (mx) wrote: Love love this movie

Mark B (it) wrote: Fluffy but endearing rom/com. :-)

bill s (es) wrote: The tension amps up to the point where you hopelessly fall asleep.

Steve M (es) wrote: It Happeened at Nightmare Inn (aka Nightmare Hotel)Starring: Aurora Bautista, Esperanza Roy, and Judy GeesonDirector: Eugenio Martin Marta and Veronica, a pair of spinster sisters (Bautista and Roy) run an inn in a small Spanish town that's becoming increasingly popular with young people on backpacking tours. Becoming evermore offended by the loose morals they witness among the young women, they start killing them and hiding the bodies in wine casks in the inn's cellar. Their evil starts to come to light when Laura (Geeson) comes looking for her sister, whom she was supposed to meet at the inn for a shared vacation. "In Happened at Nightmare Inn" could be a truly frightening and excellent movie. The cast all put on great performances, the sexually repressed, holier-than-Jesus sisters make for a great pair of psychotic villians, and the terrifying scenes are truly terrifying (with the scene where Laura checks out the wine cellar, and the one where a baby witnesses the death of his mother being foremost among these). The location of the inn is itself a very creepy place and is almost a character in the film unto itself. Unfortunately, the movie has bad pacing, with a build-up that takes entirely too long and characters that are entirely too stupid just so there can be an extra 15 minutes of running time to the film. Worse, the climax has just a enough of an "angry villagers with torches and pitchforks" feel to go from suspenseful to unintentionally funny... although I must say they ALMOST got it right. "It Happened at Nightmare Inn" is included in several different of those cheap suspense/horror movie multi-packs, so keep an eye out for it. I think it's worth seeing, but it's a seriously flawed movie that you shouldn't go of your way to get, or pay full price for as a stand-alone DVD.

Terry I (kr) wrote: This film was SO far ahead of its time. Hitchcock touches on deep & twisted psychological themes anchored by Hedren's tour-de-force performance. The much criticized colors & process shots only add to the dream-like qualities of this intriguing film. The denouement with Louis Latham is compelling.

Nikki M (kr) wrote: Every tale at sea will pale in comparison to Master and Commander, but it's one way to spend a couple of hours I guess.

jack b (kr) wrote: Even if you're not a Beatlemaniac, as long as you've ever known what it's like to be a crazed fangirl/fanboy in your life, this film will bring back all those fond memories. Real fun to watch, especially with friends who can totally relate.